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So Hilarious! Nigerians Are Sharing Their Childhood Memories on Twitter

 So Hilarious! Nigerians Are Sharing Their Childhood Memories on Twitter

There’s something about being on Twitter NG, you understand you’ll constantly dangle a appropriate chortle. From the memes to the tweets and threads, the leisure by no plan runs dry.

So when Anisah asked folks to share a core memory they are able to by no plan put out of your mind, we knew we’d be treated to top class laughter and a healthy dose of reality. Some responses dangle been hilarious, some dangle been triggering and others dangle been, certainly, core.

Listen! Adolescence would possibly also be so prankish. We chanced on folks’s childhood tales most hilarious and on account of we’re good, we’ve collated one of the most responses for you.

what’s a core memory of yours that you would moreover’t put out of your mind? shall be something else, even something silly

— anisah⁷ (@biawurbi) Could perchance well 23, 2023

As a little one, I chanced on two items of rooster eggs and I needed so desperately for it to hatch however the mummy became once nowhere to be chanced on. So I belief I would possibly perchance moreover incubate it myself. I poured sand into a frying pan, kept the eggs interior and build the pan on fire and web site it on low heat.

— . (@Oypanio_Toeo) Could perchance well 25, 2023

After I became once 7, my sister pranked me by announcing she became once in point of fact my mother and that my accurate name became once Solo Makinde. My entire family went alongside with it for WEEKS, and I cried your entire time on account of I desperately didn’t desire my name to be Solo Makinde.

— astor™ (@grandpabbychuck) Could perchance well 25, 2023

I keep in mind when I suggested my maths trainer that I did the home work however forgot the guide at house.
The circulation man took me on his bike to my house.😭

— T.M.W 💙⚡️ (@badtmw) Could perchance well 25, 2023

Awoke, greeted all americans appropriate morning, went to the bathroom took my bathtub, wore my uniform hanged my college fetch went to the parlour to ask daddy for transport to stir to university completely to stir searching for out all americans sitted searching at NTA 9 o’clock news

— The Olodo Mental (@NimiteinSolomon) Could perchance well 23, 2023

Drink responsibly!

Let me add this; I became once overwhelmed on account of I refused to drink the Palm oil first and well-known, I kept on crying for milk even though I became once loss of life 😭😭😭

Like minded thing the Kerosene gave me the ability to glean fire songs.

Please circulate my music 🙏

— Mün The Shinobi (@MunTheShinobi) Could perchance well 25, 2023

Kids are… wise?

Contemplated running faraway from house. Confided in a chum and he educated I acquire shelter beneath one of the bridges in lagos. It became once then I realized that the put I dwelling became once no longer circulation.

— Hansel Reward (@hannytalker) Could perchance well 25, 2023

he bought the “tattoo”😂😂

— Afua Pokua❤️ (@pokuaaaaa) Could perchance well 25, 2023

Brothers and sisters, my mouth can no longer snort what I went thru. My mum sure abandoned the necklace for me evn while I protested I became once joking.
She and my dad now teamed up to glean me “confess” the put my powers are from.
Who sent me?
How rapidly earlier than I free up them.
I cried, I crode..

— Harley is conscious of you are lonely and so she (@miss_ezeani) Could perchance well 24, 2023

Sorrows, sorrows, prayers

I tattooed my ex’s name on my shoulder thinking we dangle been going to get married I became once in appreciate Mumu me, we broke up 2 years ago, very first thing I look when I get up is her name gets me indignant af😭😭

— Timi of Lagos (@timi_of_lagos) Could perchance well 26, 2023

Lol.. one night, armed robbers came to our house and I hid in my mom’s cabinet. One in every of them, searched one piece of the cabinet, while complaining there became once too noteworthy ceramic plates. He opened the piece, I hid myself and the both of us screamed “Jesus!” 😭😭😭

— Disneyga called Goody (@GoodyRae) Could perchance well 25, 2023

I planted garri and it didn’t grow.

— Simi (@similolamobee) Could perchance well 24, 2023

The beating I received that day , cleared all of the sleep from my eyes …as they dangle been cleaning me up , I became once receiving slaps 😭

— A…R…I…Z…O…N…A (@_MzJayde) Could perchance well 25, 2023


stanley came from the village and became once staying with his aunty. the girl maltreats him, appreciate day to day you’d look marks on his physique. he is mainly luminous, so the marks dangle been very visible. omo the day stanley in the raze ran away, i became once in enugu, he called me and that i acknowledged you understand what; RUN.

— :amarachukwu (@Albie_xo) Could perchance well 25, 2023

Some 20+ years ago, my dad had traveled and as closing born, I turned mums roomate. I keep in mind taking half in in her room sooner or later and out of the blues, she checked out me and acknowledged “my son, I do know sooner or later you’re going to be very prosperous…”

One in every of my fav recollections and it retains me going ❤️❤️❤️

— An ImPerfect Gentleman (@fameos_amos) Could perchance well 26, 2023

the principle time I made jollof spaghetti and it wasn’t changing color. I didn’t know I became once purported to stir away it to boil and I belief my mum became once atmosphere me up for failure and I’d eat glass earlier than I fail, so I added appreciate half of a bottle of palm oil😭

— aaliyah! (@_aaliyaahhh__) Could perchance well 24, 2023

Oh! It’s been fun learning these comments. What’s your accepted childhood memory? Share with us!

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