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Nigeria vs Niger: Analysis reveals military strength and who would win

 Nigeria vs Niger: Analysis reveals military strength and who would win
  • Nigeria and the Republic of Niger would perchance drop into a heated war following the defense power takeover of the latter
  • Chief of ECOWAS, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu of Nigeria, has threatened a defense power invasion of Niger if its defense power junta does no longer step down
  • President Tinubu has already written to the Nigerian Senate hunting for approval to deploy Nigerian troops to Niger

Nigeria and the Republic of Niger would perchance lock horns a few weeks from now if a peace accord is rarely any longer met in due time.

On Wednesday, July 26, General Abdourahamane Tchiani overthrew President Mohammed Bazoum in a bloodless that has been carefully criticised in quite loads of parts of the sector.

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The Nigerian defense power power supersedes that of the Republic of Niger in all dimensions. Characterize Credit: @OfficialABAT/Twiter, Christopher Pillitz, and Télé Sahel/AFP
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ECOWAS, on the different hand, has made attempts to reach a resolution of peace with the defense power juntas in Niger and all to no avail.

Chairman of ECOWAS and President of Nigeria, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has already reached out to the Senate for approval to lift out defense power intervention.

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On this short piece, 5 severe factors were analysed if Niger and Nigerian had been to have interaction in defense power combat.

1. Navy Ranking

Per World Firepower rankings of 2023, the Nigerian defense power is ranked 36 globally, while the Nigerian navy ranks 119.

Nigeria is ranked quantity four on the African Scene, and Niger is ranked quantity 25.

2. Navy Personel

Nigeria’s full defense power personnel is 215,000, with an lively personnel of 135,000. Nigeria has bigger than 85,000 personnel fit for carrier and 80,000 paramilitaries.

In the period in-between, Niger Republic can ideal boast of 13,000 defense power personnel, which is decrease than 15 per cent of the Nigerian navy personnel.

Niger has an lively personnel of perfect 10,000 and nil reserves.

3. Defence Worth range

Concerning worth range, Niger isn’t any match for Nigeria as its defence budget supersedes its West African neighbour.

Nigeria has a defence budget of over $3 billion, while its West African neighbour Niger has a defence budget of perfect $287 million.

Nigeria’s shopping energy parity is over $1 trillion, while that of Niger is perfect $28 billion.

4. Armed Artillery

As of 2023, Nigeria has 177 tanks, while Niger has zero. Nigeria has 15,748 armoured vehicles, while Niger has perfect 728.

Nigeria’s self-propelled artillery is 30 now, while Niger has none.

Similarly, Nigeria’s towed artillery is 338, while Niger has none. Nigeria’s rocket projectors are 37, while Niger has none.

5. Air Energy

Nigeria has 144 combat plane, comprising 14 fighter jets, 28 coach jets, 52 helicopters, six particular mission jets and others.

On the piece of the Republic of Niger, they’ve perfect 16 defense power plane.

Coup D’état: Senators Acknowledge to Tinubu’s Quiz for Navy Invasion of Niger

In the period in-between, as a minimum 90 per cent of the Nigeria Senate has rejected President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s request to invade the Republic of Niger.

That is on the heels of the defense power coup in the neighbouring West African nation on Wednesday, July 26.

On Saturday, August 5, the Nigerian senators entreated President Tinubu to focal point extra on salvaging insecurity in Nigeria.


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