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“My dad, Fela was a legend but not a good father” – Yeni Kuti

 “My dad, Fela was a legend but not a good father” – Yeni Kuti
Yeni Kuti, a Nigerian dancer, singer, and media figure, has explained why she would divorce on account of adultery.

Afrobeats chronicle and media personality Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s daughter, Yeni Kuti, has claimed that her father changed into a unsuitable father.

In an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo, Yemi Kuti made this claim nonetheless added that Fela changed into a hero and a characteristic mannequin.

She admitted that despite the constant war between Fela and his first son, Femi Kuti, she by no formulation spoke to Fela about not being a factual father.

Additionally citing circumstances the attach Fela goofed, She said;

“He [Fela] changed into not comparatively a factual father. No [I never told him that he isn’t a good father]. Maybe Femi, not me. Femi and Fela used to acquire battles. And Femi will give it to him straight.

Shola and I, we had been be pleased unnerved. , they said, ‘When two elephants are combating, the grass will preserve serene.

I can remember one day, Fela supreme came and said, ‘three of you are unnecessary formative years’. Femi supreme said, ‘for what?’ Femi supreme started going thru him and then they started going thru every assorted. Shola and I will affirm, ‘it’s k’. Fela will affirm, ‘No’. And Femi supreme said, ‘let him wander’.

I don’t obtain I even obtain ever had that roughly confrontation with my father. Maybe on account of I’m a lady.”

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