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How To Make Rich & Delicious Moimoi | WATCH

 How To Make Rich & Delicious Moimoi | WATCH

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Moimoi — a steamed or boiled bean pudding constituted of peeled sad-eyed beans mixed with onions and current crimson peppers, spices and diverse ingredients — is one in every of potentially the most cherished meals in West Africa. It is a ways made in loads of properties for breakfast and dinner, moreover it is provided as road food.

Ceaselessly diagnosed as “Moin-moin”, “alele” or “olele”, this protein-rich food is talked about to bear originated from the Yorubas in Nigeria, Benin and Togo. Moimoi is historically steamed in a explicit leaf called “Ewé eran” — Thaumatococcus daniellii, though it goes to also moreover be steamed in diverse presents.

While you happen to would possibly maybe bear been questioning solutions to produce yummy moimoi otherwise you would possibly also very properly be shopping for a neater preparation manner, take a look at out this recipe and pointers from Nigerian food bid material creator — Omoye.

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Honey beans
1 mountainous sweet crimson bell pepper
3-4 medium-sized native crimson bell pepper (aka Tatashe)
1-2 medium-sized bulbs of onions (Use 2)
3-4 green pepper
3-4 scotch bonnets (depending on your warmth threshold)
Seasoning cube
Palm oil
Vegetable oil
Melted butter (optional)
Moimoi leaves or ramekins

Credit: @omoyecooks

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