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Hayet Rida Just Launched an Artistic Jewellery Store That all Fashionistas Can’t Afford To Miss!

 Hayet Rida Just Launched an Artistic Jewellery Store That all Fashionistas Can’t Afford To Miss!

Hayet Rida, Ingenious Director of rising jewellery and accessory ticket KHOI, no longer too long ago launched her exhibition-trend retail journey jewellery store.

Positioned in the heart of Bucktown, Chicago, the thoughtfully designed store is a testomony to Hayet’s bask in for rising wearable art and shows the logo’s passion for effortless, sculptural pieces. 

She took to her Instagram to part the perfect news:

From the College of Wooster to the streets of Bucktown! This store used to be designed to raise my lifestyles fats circle!

It used to be an honour to work with (who designed my costume from my first exhibition) to support translate my vision.

The furniture and the fixtures HAD to be @arhaus especially since customers can be sitting and spending time! The materials for your total pieces are built to final for more than a few years but to advance!

Thanks to your total bask in and I witness forward to welcoming you formally this weekend!

The studio’s aloof, gentle and welcoming position will give buyers an elevated luxurious offering by its gallery-trend retail journey, as a result of its all-white position, wooden and gold accents, stylized podiums, fair faceless mannequin heads sporting the logo’s sculptural earrings and gorgeous geometric conceal designs that flee by the shop’s expanse, evoking a sense of understated luxurious and grandeur. We can’t fail to relate the greater-than-lifestyles frames with blown-out photos of a lovely melanated mannequin rocking pieces from the logo.

The shop is showcasing the logo’s most modern assortment, tagged Masked Identification, taking inspiration from the gnawing feeling of self-doubt Hayet experienced when she first started her jog with KHOI.

The constant reflection of no longer being ready, no longer being unbiased correct sufficient, no longer being qualified sufficient to…produce?!? Believe.

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