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Zambia Diaspora Chamber of Commerce to Attend Major Trade Mission in Zambia

 Zambia Diaspora Chamber of Commerce to Attend Major Trade Mission in Zambia

Zambia Diaspora Chamber of Commerce to Attend Major Trade Mission in Zambia

Kansas City, MO -The President of the Zambia Diaspora Chamber of Commerce (ZDCC), based in Kansas City, has announced the chamber’s active participation in an upcoming trade mission to Zambia. This trade mission aligns closely with ZDCC’s objectives and will facilitate seamless collaboration with similar bodies aimed at attracting investment to Zambia.

Freud Musanu, President Zambia Diaspora Chamber of Commerce (ZDCC)
Freud Musanu, President Zambia Diaspora Chamber of Commerce (ZDCC)

The President disclosed plans for a courtesy visit to the Zambia Embassy in Washington, D.C., to establish a formal partnership. During this visit, he will outline ZDCC’s ambitious investment vision, which includes campaigning for $10 billion in investments over the next five years. The chamber aims to meet with several key organizations, including the Black Chamber of Commerce, World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Trade Organization (WTO), International Food Organization, and the Congressional Black Caucus, to bolster investment efforts in Zambia, particularly in the energy and infrastructure sectors.

This announcement was made during a press briefing covered by Oases News of Canada, Toronto. The President thanked the media for their support and confidence in ZDCC’s exemplary vision, which prioritizes the interests of Zambian citizens.

The President also used the opportunity to call for new members, including small business administrators, minorities, women, veterans, and disadvantaged groups, to join the chamber and support Zambia’s development efforts. He highlighted the benefit of visa-free travel to Zambia for American nationals as a significant incentive.

Trade Mission to Zambia: July 15-19, 2024


I am pleased to inform you of an upcoming Trade Mission to Zambia from July 15 to 19, 2024. This initiative, led by Betty Muhau of BMMSWIFT, was inspired by the recent Zambia-US Agri-Business Summit held in Minnesota.

The Ministry of Agriculture in Zambia now leads this mission. Several US companies will participate, engaging with numerous Zambian public and private institutions, including the Zambia National Farmers Union. I have personally spoken to some business leaders who will be traveling to Zambia, and we anticipate significant outcomes in the form of business deals and partnerships.

Given this context, I urge our Diaspora family to support this mission by encouraging your business stakeholders and partners to join the trip. Please contact the Mission or Betty Muhau for further details. The Permanent Secretary (Administration) at the Ministry of Agriculture will issue letters of invitation directly to participating companies. Some organizations, such as Nostalgia Inc, have already committed to covering certain costs to ensure the mission’s success.

For guidance, please contact our Economic Counsellor at the Embassy, Mr. Mumbi Mulenga, at or the mission organizer, Betty Muhau, at

Let us be part of our country’s economic transformation! We win as a team.

Relevant Links and Contacts:
– Zambia Embassy in Washington D.C.: [Zambia Embassy](
– Economic Counsellor – Mr. Mumbi Mulenga:
– Mission Organizer – Betty Muhau:
– Zambia Diaspora Chamber of Commerce: [ZDCC]( (example URL)

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The Zambia Diaspora Chamber of Commerce (ZDCC) is committed to fostering economic growth and development in Zambia by leveraging the expertise and resources of the Zambian diaspora. Through strategic partnerships and advocacy, ZDCC aims to attract substantial investments to Zambia, particularly in critical sectors such as energy, infrastructure, and agriculture.

Francis John is an editor at TipsNews, specializing in economic development and diaspora engagement. His work focuses on providing insights and analysis to support strategic investment initiatives and international collaborations.

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