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Feeding HOPe Across Nigeria: The Launch of ProjectKosai by HOPe Africa

 Feeding HOPe Across Nigeria: The Launch of ProjectKosai by HOPe Africa

Feeding HOPe Across Nigeria: The Launch of ProjectKosai by HOPe Africa

By Francis John Executive Secretary HOPe Africa USA.

In an urgent response to the escalating economic hardship that grips Nigeria, where the grim reality sees countless individuals subsisting on refuse and relentlessly begging on the streets, HOPe Africa is stepping forward with a beacon of nourishment and hope. With the shadows of survival looming large and healthy meals becoming a luxury many cannot afford, the time for action is now. As the Executive Director of HOPe Africa USA, I am proud to announce the commencement of ProjectKosai, a pioneering initiative aimed at alleviating hunger and providing nutritional support across Nigeria.

HOPe Africa has already made significant strides in feeding over 15,000 individuals in the Midwest of America in 2023. Drawing from this experience, ProjectKosai seeks to extend our reach and impact. Supported by donations, just $10 can provide a nutritious breakfast for approximately five people in Nigeria. This project welcomes support from all quarters: Nigerians in the Diaspora, within Nigeria itself—spanning politicians to food manufacturers and agents—underscoring a collective effort to combat hunger.

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) reports a stark variance in poverty rates across Nigeria, with the national average standing at 73.9%. The Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) forecasts a distressing rise in unemployment and poverty rates for 2023. Amidst this backdrop, HOPe Africa is offering free consultancy services to the Nigerian government, sharing our expertise in combating homelessness and hunger, as evidenced by our successful interventions in the United States.

ProjectKosai’s operation model is both innovative and community centric. Our approach involves identifying neighborhoods in dire need of breakfast support through meticulous research. Once a location is determined, we signal our presence with a “Free Kosai Today” signpost, drawing attention from pedestrians and motorists alike. Our distribution involves cooking beancakes (Kosai/Akara) in large batches, ensuring each meal served is not only timely but also packed with nutritional value.

This initiative not only feeds the hungry but also supports local food vendors by buying out their daily production of Kosai/Akara, thus injecting much-needed financial support into the local economy. The essence of ProjectKosai is community solidarity—first come, first served—with a focus on the hungry and homeless. It’s a win-win situation!

We encourage community engagement through registration on our website, enabling us to gather valuable feedback for continuous improvement and expansion. Moreover, we call upon everyone to participate in ProjectKosai in their capacity, sharing clips of their efforts to be featured on our social media platforms.

Nutritional Spotlight on Kosai/Akara

Kosai, or Akara, is a staple West African breakfast made from beans, offering a rich source of protein and fiber, essential for a balanced diet. Each serving of Kosai provides a wholesome meal, fostering energy and well-being.

How You Can Help

Join us in spreading the word and supporting ProjectKosai. Your donations and involvement can light up lives across Nigeria. Share your ProjectKosai moments with us using the hashtags: #ProjectKosai #FeedHopeNigeria #HOPeAfricaInitiative #NutritionForAll #KosaiAgainstHunger #JoinHandsHOPeAfrica #HOPeAfricaCompassion #SupportHOPeAfrica #CompassionInAction #EmpowerAfricaWithHOPe #HOPeForAfrica #UnityForHOPeAfrica #StandWithHOPeAfrica #HOPeAfricaSolidarity #MakeADifferenceHOPe

Together, we can turn the tide against hunger and economic hardship in Nigeria. For more information on how to contribute or participate in ProjectKosai, please visit our website or contact us through our social media platforms. Your support can make a world of difference.

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