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Zamfara residents cry over high cost of living

The residents of Zamfara Explain comprise cried out that they are supreme existing nonetheless no longer living, owing to the serious financial hardship going through them.

In line with millet vendor Ibrahim Isah, the escalating prices of foodstuffs comprise unhappy americans from patronising the markets.

“We depend upon customers, nonetheless now there isn’t any longer any such thing as a low-rate food for anybody to buy in the markets,” he lamented.

A welder, Mr Ezeugo, told DAILY POST that he might presumably maybe maybe no longer endure in mind the last time his family ate chicken.

“Because of the the financial hardship, coupled with the hike in petroleum merchandise, we’re no longer receiving patronage as persons are considering of ideas on how to supply food for his or her households,” he added.

In line with him, he has been struggling with to settle his children’s college expenses nonetheless has but to search out a answer and two of his children are currently out of college attributable to financial constraints.

One other respondent, Madam Blessing, told DAILY POST that she had folded her switch in Tudunwada market as she became no longer getting patronage from merchants.

A fourth respondent, Madam Grace, avowed that everybody in the nation is feeling the anxiousness of financial hardship. She wired that the appropriate answer for the nation is divine intervention, as bandits are no longer letting up in their spoiled actions.

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