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Yvonne Jegede defends Yul Edochie for taking second wife

 Yvonne Jegede defends Yul Edochie for taking second wife

Yvonne Jegede, a Nollywood actress, drums supports for her colleague Yul Edochie amid criticism over his 2d marriage to a new fundamental other Judy Austin.

Despite his marriage to Would perhaps well per chance Edochie, Yul married a 2d fundamental other, a film industry colleague named Judy Austin.

All over an interview with The Fair Bunch podcast, Yvonne maintained that Yul had carried out nothing illegal, noting that a good deal of his detractors come from polygamous properties.

She questioned why folk condemned Yul while praising Regina Daniels, who can be in a polygamous marriage.

Yvonne seen the irony that Regina is regularly cited as a purpose mannequin, with many expressing a want to be in her purpose.

Yvonne Jegede explains why she supports Yul Edochie taking a 2d fundamental other.

“You glimpse this Yul Edochie ehnnn, 99% of folk abusing him are from 2d other halves, third other halves, fourth other halves ahd fifth other halves. Steadily fundamental other that the household doesn’t uncover out about.

“Enable us to stop fooling around on the accumulate. I don’t glimpse something he has carried out unfriendly. I no dem dash tear me to objects when this interview gets uploaded.

“Why are you guys cursing him and making Regina Daniels your prayer level, easiest she match advice you for marriage”.

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