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xQc Bet on the Copenhagen Major and Won More Money than NAVI

 xQc Bet on the Copenhagen Major and Won More Money than NAVI

Nowadays, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and playing dangle gone collectively like peanut butter and jelly. He has been at the centre of plenty of controversies touching on what has at conditions been branded a playing addiction, which has slipped thru to his streams on limitless times. This weekend, the 28-year-broken-down Canadian streamer had a large result – he bet on Natus Vincere to safe the PGL Copenhagen Major and ended up netting extra cash than the personnel lifting the tournament trophy.

On circulation, a pop-up printed that xQc’s settled bet in favour of Natus Vincere had obtained him a whopping $842,137.34. It used to be a return on a $200,000 wager, and when it popped on circulation, xQc failed to recognise the magnitude of the sum. He used to be notified by someone in his chat that he’d effectively obtained higher than Natus Vincere, the personnel that walked away victorious this weekend in Copenhagen.

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The PGL Copenhagen Major used to be a large tournament, marking the first-ever Counter-Strike 2 Major. It topped news feeds the arena over largely attributable to an assault on the tournament by protestors who stormed the stage, disrupting the tournament and at one level smashing the trophy to the ground. Within the flee-as much as the last stages of the Major, xQc placed a $200,000 bet on MOUZ to safe their fixture, but the personnel used to be wiped out by G2, leaving xQc with a sour taste in his mouth.

He wasn’t waylaid for too long, though. Rapidly after, he used to be waiting eagerly for the cease result of the paunchy final between FaZe Clan and Natus Vincere, having placed every other $200,000 wager.

Lengyel at the start blamed the MOUZ loss on the protestors that stormed the stage, causing the personnel to ‘lose momentum’, but he used to be nothing in want of cheerful to be taught that his later bet used to be a success. It made up for his misplaced bet about a conditions over, that’s for sure.

Within the extinguish, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel used to be left with a payout exceeding $840,000, whereas Natus Vincere netted a total prize price $500,000 (out of a $1.25 million pool). Bizarrely, xQc didn’t even realise that he would manufacture almost twice what the winning personnel would true for winning your total tournament. It would be that he’s dropping touch with the associated price or cash or he idea the tournament used to be price worthy higher than $1.25 million.

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