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“Why I rejected a Range Rover Evoque gift from a man” – Content creator, Kiekie reveals

 “Why I rejected a Range Rover Evoque gift from a man” – Content creator, Kiekie reveals

Nigerian hiss creator, Bukunmi Adeaga-Ilori, better identified as Kiekie, has revealed why she turned down a Differ Rover Evoque gift from her ex-boyfriend years aid.

In a most modern interview with media personality Toke Makinwa on her gift “Toke Moments”, Kiekie recounted how her ex-boyfriend told her to gift whatever she wanted for Valentine’s day and she responded that she wanted a Differ Rover Evoque.

Apparently, the man confirmed up at her store a pair of days later with the multi-million naira vehicle to provide her. Grand to the man’s surprise, Kiekie said she rejected the costly car.

  Kiekie shows

She went on to quote two the reason why she didn’t accept the Differ Rover.

To birth with, collecting the car would mean that she would want to marry the man because of the roughly family she is from.

Secondly, she knew she didn’t desire to marry him because he didn’t judge in her industry desires and aspirations.

Her words,

“There was once this guy I was once seeing. It was once Valentine some years previously and he was once love what would you love? I said I needed a Differ Rover Evoque and love 3 or 4 days later, this guy brought the Differ Rover to my store in Opebi in Ikeja.

After I saw the car, it was once two issues. If I take that car, it approach that I’m marrying that man thanks to the form of family that I am from. Resulting from my father will be questioning.. the component that made me to derive car from a man, you’re marrying the man.

Now here’s the the same man that once said to me.. if we’re married, that you would possibly well not be here bigger than 2pm. What are you doing? What are you sewing? How mighty is the cloth you’re sewing? That was once what he told me. So you’re not thinking past what I was once doing. You are correct seeing me doing what is taking my time, not that I’m investing my time into that component. So we’re not in the the same discipline.”

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