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Why BUA retailers still sell product at N5,500 despite price slash

 Why BUA retailers still sell product at N5,500 despite price slash
BUA Cement Sellers Talk 4 Weeks After Firm Slashed Mark From N5,500 to N3,500 Per Fetch

  • Some retailers of BUA Cement maintain revealed why the impress scale again has but to mirror on the product four weeks
  • They dispute the firm stated the firm sells the product at N3,500 at its depot, nonetheless the cost of freighting makes it no longer ability to sell on the unique rate
  • Per the retailers, they rent autos on the impress of N1,000 per get to bound the product from the factory to their depots

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Some retailers of BUA Cement in Lagos and Ogun states maintain revealed why the merchandise are tranquil sold above N5,000 per get four weeks after the firm offered a impress scale again. reported that Cement slashed the ex-factory impress of the firm’s merchandise from N5,500 to N3,500, starting October 2, 2023.

BUA Cement Mark Gash, Dangote Cement
BUA Cement sellers declare why costs are tranquil high
Credit: National Archives
Offer: UGC

BUA unearths reason in the motivate of impress carve

The firm offered the resolution after BUA Cement founder Abdul Samad Rabiu visited President Bola Tinubu on September 16, 2023.

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In preserving with the assertion by the firm announcing the impress carve, the bound is share of its ongoing effort to steal its manufacturing ability to 17 million metric tonnes every year earlier than the cease of 2023.

Findings declare that four weeks after, the impress of BUA Cement has remained unchanged and is tranquil sold above N5,000 in some depots in Lagos and Ogun states.

Retail outlets lament the high cost of transportation

TheCable experiences that some retailers confirmed that the firm sells the cement at N3,500 at its factory in Benin nonetheless that the sellers stated they must focus on over with the positioning to get the product on the discounted impress.

A BUA consultant was reportedly quoted as asserting that the firm desires extra autos to distribute its merchandise. Hence, the retailers must rent a truck for N1,000 per get, discouraging them.

The retailers dispute they partner to rent autos, nonetheless the N1,000 per get is a primary discouragement, making them resort to promoting varied brands.

They dispute hiring autos from varied companies, equivalent to Dangote, can even savor such problems as confiscation if caught, among others. They acknowledged that the cost of freighting the product from the depots to their retail web sites would tranquil create it sell on the feeble impress.

Dangote, BUA Cement spent N205 billion powering generators in the first 6 months of 2023 reported that two of Nigeria’s ultimate Cement producers, Dangote Cement and BUA Cement, stated they spent about N204.925 billion powering their generators for operations real thru the half of 365 days ended June 30, 2023.

The spending represents an 18% expand from N173.537 billion recorded real thru the a similar length in 2022.

The amount also represents 41.15% of the total cost of gross sales for the companies, amounting to N498.031 trillion recorded real thru the review length.


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