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‘We’re such a different company today’: Inside Olipop’s growth strategy with Chad Wilson, head of marketing

 ‘We’re such a different company today’: Inside Olipop’s growth strategy with Chad Wilson, head of marketing

By Kimeko McCoy  •  April 2, 2024  •  3 min be taught  •

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Prebiotic soda impress Olipop is in increase mode, coming off $200 million in annual gross sales and its first nationwide advertising and marketing campaign with pop well-known individual Camila Cabello closing 365 days. 

A style of the six-365 days-mature impress’s initial reputation tracks back to TikTok. On the plenty of hand, the closing 365 days has been transformational for Olipop, positioning itself without any consideration competitor to the likes of legacy brands appreciate Pepsi or Coca Cola. 

“We’re such a utterly different company this day than we were 365 days ago largely due to that increase,” acknowledged Chad Wilson, head of promoting for Olipop, on a novel episode of the Digiday Podcast. “From a advertising and marketing level of view, we contain viewed substantial success in social and influencers. We jumped on social early on in the company’s increase and it changed into appreciate rocket gasoline practically.” 

On this episode of the Digiday Podcast, we caught up with Wilson to chat about protect Olipop’s momentum, its in-home agency and what attempting out and finding out looks to be appreciate on TikTok.

Beneath are highlights from the dialog, which contain been evenly edited and condensed for clarity. 

Constructing Olipop’s in-home physique of workers

It’s an innovation portion, however it absolutely’s moreover correct making obvious the enlighten material that we’re making is relevant, and in actuality we’re no longer talking to ourselves. In building the physique of workers after I started [last year], there were about eight folk on the physique of workers and now we’re about 25. What we’ve done as we glance for to maintain the main roles is look for across the board. We’ve got folk in from agency aspect places appreciate R/GA, Wieden+Kennedy, however we’ve moreover got folk that labored on the logo aspect in home groups too. We’re trying to get a combine of folk so we contain utterly different views at the table.

Checking out and finding out on TikTok 

We’ve been experimenting with TikTok Store a chunk. When it came out, we’d been experimenting, playing around with it. We’ve viewed just a few bugs. I will stutter that the TikTok physique of workers has been improbable in serving to us out when we attain bump into particular things. It’s a fresh product so you’d quiz to search just a few system defects. I’m no longer gonna stutter that it’s up and operating in the methodology we desire it to be operating. There’s mute a little bit bit more work to attain there, however it absolutely’s positively something we’re experimenting with.

Maturing influencer advertising and marketing 

I don’t desire to converse it’s the Wild West, however influencer advertising and marketing is correct a fresh aspect that everyone’s trying to establish work with them. Before all the things,  the methodology we take into legend influencers is we desire them to be potentialities first. Authenticity is so crucial to us that we basically desire to be particular that that these folk — when we work with influencers — we desire to be particular that that they basically mediate in the product as worthy as we attain.

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