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Truth or TV: Is Grey’s Anatomy’s Parkinson’s ‘Cure’ Real?

 Truth or TV: Is Grey’s Anatomy’s Parkinson’s ‘Cure’ Real?

Medically Reviewed by Jennifer Robinson, MD on April 26, 2022

Written by Sarah Amandolare

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It’s no longer outlandish for TV to immediate-note medical innovation. Lift potentially the most popular season of Gray’s Anatomy, which featured a serious storyline about a “cure” for Parkinson’s illness. The drama series adopted a team of researchers and medical doctors as they outmoded a groundbreaking surgical procedure utilizing skin-derived stem cells.

In precise life, despite a protracted time of review and big gains in technical info around stem cell therapies for Parkinson’s illness, those treatments remain out of attain for most folk with the illness. Parkinson’s is a mind dysfunction that worsens over time and causes the death of certain nerve cells that most incessantly invent dopamine, which helps coordinate muscle circulate. Essentially the most ordinarily outmoded surgical therapy for Parkinson’s is deep mind stimulation, which delivers electrical pulses to mind areas affecting motor indicators, akin to tremors and tension.

Light, given the stakes of this continual revolutionary neurological illness facing about 1 million Americans, it’s price unpacking upright how some distance-fetched the Hollywood depiction is – or isn’t.

On the expose, medical doctors rob stem cells from a skin biopsy of a personality with Parkinson’s illness and, “thru a posh job,” remodel those cells into dopamine-producing cells. Of us with Parkinson’s most incessantly maintain low dopamine ranges in the putamen, a share of the mind interested by circulate. By injecting fresh dopamine-producing cells into the personality’s forebrain, where the putamen is stumbled on, the medical doctors purpose to steal dopamine ranges.

The blueprint kicks off with a CT scan, which affords the surgical team photos of what’s described as “an interactive 3D roadmap” of the personality’s mind. After a couple of more swiftly steps – including drilling of burr holes to prevent stress from construct up in the mind – a robotic arm brings a hole needle into impart. A researcher then gets rid of the stem cells from a cooler and examines them below a microscope to substantiate that ample cells are alive. At final, the cells are injected into the personality’s forebrain, starting with one aspect after which shifting to the opposite.

Considerable of what’s depicted on the expose is reasonable – if simplified and futuristic – based fully fully on Willard Kasoff, MD, an associate professor of neurosurgery on the Lewis Katz College of Treatment at Temple University and director of stereotactic and functional neurosurgery at Temple University Effectively being facility.

“It be no longer science fiction, but or no longer it is a future expose,” he says.

There maintain been quite lots of thrilling stem cell enhancements focused on Parkinson’s in most popular years that, on the outside, are akin to Gray’s Anatomy’s televised “cure.”

In 2017 and 2018, for instance, medical doctors reprogrammed skin cells taken from an particular particular person with Parkinson’s to create “substitute dopamine neurons,” which obtained implanted into the particular person’s mind. More recently, a medical trial interested injecting stem cells into the brains of individuals with Parkinson’s in insist to revive their dopamine ranges, full with a GPS-like mind scan showing neurosurgeons where to inject the cells. Upcoming medical trials will additionally declare Parkinson’s patients’ skin cells to invent substitute dopamine neurons for transplantation.

But such treatments received’t necessarily be broadly available anytime almost instantly, based fully fully on Kasoff. “Cell transplantation is incredibly annoying and complex,” he says. “It be been labored on for a protracted time, and or no longer it is quiet early, early review trials. So even that form of therapy is in all probability years and years away.”

One of the important most therapies depend on genetic engineering to convert stem cells into neural progenitor cells, which can commerce into various cell kinds stumbled on in the mind – a job is named differentiating. Neurosurgeons can additionally order how neural progenitor cells commerce, akin to guiding them to vary into dopamine neurons. The hope is that after those cells are transplanted into the mind, they’ll “opt out what to carry out, or be told what to carry out by the surrounding cells,” says Kasoff.

Even though the trials prevail, they’ll merely no longer signify a cure. On fable of the treatments are directed on the putamen and the substantia nigra (an station where neuron loss can maintain an tag on dopamine ranges), they merely address motor indicators. Parkinson’s illness additionally affects taking into consideration expertise, balance, and other functions for the length of the body. Cognitive decline can consequence in dementia and death.

“The root that you simply have to well cure Parkinson’s by inserting cells in the substantia nigra or the putamen could well well no longer be trusty,” Kasoff says.

Additionally, Parkinson’s is incessantly concept to be a illness of 1 cell kind: the dopaminergic cells in the substantia nigra. But essentially, Kasoff explains, it’s in all probability a illness with “thousands of cell kinds,” which makes any in all probability stem cell-derived cure extremely complex. Form 1 diabetes, on the opposite hand, is a illness of merely one cell kind, and fresh treatments utilizing insulin-producing cells derived from stem cells could well quantity to a cure.

As for Parkinson’s, says Kasoff, “it will be that the next stem cell trial hits the jackpot, after which we will be on to your next step.” That will mean figuring out where to transplant stem cells for the cognitive and balance-connected indicators of the illness, for instance.

In the kill, he says, “the hope is that what happens on the expose is precisely what’s going to happen in the future in the end.”

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