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Trendupp Awards Recognise TECNO’s Impactful Collaborations and Campaigns

 Trendupp Awards Recognise TECNO’s Impactful Collaborations and Campaigns

TECNO illuminated brightly on the Trendupp Awards on the Balmoral Convention Heart on Sunday, July Seventh, clinching the coveted Power of Collaboration Award. This annual ceremony, famous for recognising worthy achievements interior Nigeria’s social media community, honoured TECNO for its prominent efforts in partnering with social media influencers and screech creators to spark a technological renaissance.

The Power of Collaboration Award underscores TECNO’s strategic initiatives all around the last year, highlighting folk-led sponsorships and considerate social media campaigns that enjoy driven innovation and engagement. By contrivance of these collaborative efforts, TECNO has no longer best amplified its stamp presence nonetheless furthermore vastly contributed to the digital empowerment of Nigerians.

The PR manager representative bought the award on behalf of TECNO and expressed good pride within the firm’s achievements.

“This award is a testament to the amazing collaborations and laborious work set apart in over the last year,” the representative remarked. “This may maybe additionally motivate as a springboard for even better initiatives. TECNO is dedicated to ensuring that each one Nigerians are empowered with the technological gadgets they need for achievement.”

The Trendupp Awards is a premier occasion that celebrates the contributions of screech creators, influencers, brands, and organisations to the Nigerian social media panorama. By honouring innovative movements, campaigns, projects, and screech, the awards highlight Nigeria’s dynamic and ever-evolving world of social media.

TECNO’s victory on the Trendupp Awards marks a famous milestone. The firm’s dedication to collaboration and community engagement has garnered alternate recognition and inspired a novel wave of technological pattern nationwide. As TECNO continues to push boundaries and foster famous partnerships, the long term appears promising for the emblem and Nigeria’s digital panorama. For more records, notice TECNO on Fb, Instagram, and X.

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