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The Best Weapon In ‘Starfield’ May Genuinely Have To Be Nerfed

 The Best Weapon In ‘Starfield’ May Genuinely Have To Be Nerfed



As I conducted Starfield for 160 hours or so, ramping up my self-discipline to Very Exhausting by the discontinue, I realized that one weapon I had used to be outperforming all the pieces else by a mile. And it in actuality made no sense.

That is probably going to be the Va’ruun Inflictor, the assign the Va’ruun series of weapons, along side a melee weapon and pistol, are generally a minimize above the remainder, however the Inflictor? It felt savor it used to be its have class. It’s seemingly you’ll presumably well also hipfire it and blast through enemies in a handful of shots, and this used to be even under no conditions finding one increased that inexperienced rarity. It didn’t topic. On Very Exhausting, this thing quiet hit savor a truck and I had almost infinite ammo for it, as no longer great else feeble that form.

I in actuality occupy viewed many other avid gamers validate that yes, it’s no longer accurate me, this thing is insane. Powerful of that’s accurate pure baseline grief on my own, but it no doubt turns out it’ll compound itself into a weapon presumably 10x higher than the relaxation in the sport due to some interactions and mods. So great so as that if Starfield ever desires to occupy any semblance of balance, no topic being a PvE sport, it would also want to scale it assist, as it genuinely looks damaged. And here is in a sport the assign I’d already suppose Very Exhausting is no longer exhausting sufficient as is.



There’s a truly extensive thread about this from u/SaltyMeatBoy who talks about accurate how insane the Va’ruun Inflictor can gain, and why. Here are the entire parts that near collectively to build it in a feature to obliterate roughly any enemy in the sport on any self-discipline.

  • It has excessive snide stats already, it’s already the most realistic seemingly DPS weapon in Starfield by itself compared to all the pieces else.
  • It’s a Particle Beam weapon, certainly one of accurate a few in the sport and for some reason, Particle Beam weapons occupy the merit of every Particle Beam upgrades and Laser upgrades.
  • Then, it’s technically a non-computerized rifle that can occupy a scope, so it furthermore advantages from every Marksmanship and Sniper Certification, the assign Marksmanship enables for near constant knockdowns at max stage with the post-crit perk in that tree. This does no longer require scoping in with the weapon, accurate that the weapon has a scope the least bit, so that you simply would be in a position to hip fireplace this manufacture.
  • Then, at the same time as you occur to plod down the Weapon Crafting tree, it’s seemingly you’ll craft and apply a mod name Spread Nozzle, which is able to prick up your shot into three beams. And but…this does no longer alter range or accuracy, that capacity all three beams hit the assign you occupy been aiming. And each of these beams, by themselves, has an opportunity to crit.
  • The discontinue results of here’s a excessive DPS, permanently stunlocking weapon it’s seemingly you’ll hipfire and almost employ savor a shotgun even supposing it’s speculated to be a longer range scoped rifle.

Nothing else in the sport is even shut to this. It’s to Starfield what Gjallarhorn used to be to Destiny 1, presumably even more so. It does require an accurate amount of stat parts to gain to this stage, and Spread Nozzle requires some evolved Weapon Crafting, but it no doubt’s no longer too injurious.

I nearly…wouldn’t even employ it? It’s almost a Golden Gun, making the already no longer-exhausting-sufficient Very Exhausting self-discipline a cake stroll, and what’s the purpose of playing at the same time as you occur to may per chance presumably well well also no longer ever catch a gun that’s even 30% as correct as this one? But it’s wintry this sky excessive grief has been chanced on generally, I remark. All over all once more, full credit score to u/SaltyMeatBoy for the reason here.

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