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The 9 Best Men’s Flip-Flops with Arch Support, Reviewed by Podiatrists

 The 9 Best Men’s Flip-Flops with Arch Support, Reviewed by Podiatrists

most reasonable in all probability flip flops


Eli Schmidt

Simplest Flip-flops Total

Teva Katavi 2 Thong

Katavi 2 Thong

  • Lag resistant footbed
  • Padded straps
  • Solid traction outsole
  • Particular shank share for beef up
  • Water can puddle within the heel
  • Heavy for a flip-flop

What makes the Katavi so supportive is mostly hidden interior the midsole. Teva made the straightforward but innovative transfer of inserting a shank in a flip-flop to beef up balance. A shank is a small share of stiff field fabric, customarily steel or a exhausting plastic, which is placed between the midsole and outsole honest on the arch of the foot. It is ceaselessly aged in boots and leather sneakers for arch beef up and balance.

The addition of that shank used to be so effective that it landed the Katavi 2 on the tip of our list after months of testing. Ethical as with a boot, the shank added beef up to our mid-foot by taking among the crucial stress off every step. It essentially felt fancy a little shelf to rest the arch of our foot on, offering a stronger enhance than utterly different flip-flops that employ tender supplies for beef up. Prominent traction on both the outsole and footbed also kept us particular footed in wet prerequisites. Originate here to your flip-flop search earlier than taking a gaze in other places.

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Steadiness Contoured footbed, shank
Outsole Rubber
Upper EVA

Simplest flip-flops for Metropolis Walking

Kuru Kala


  • Straightforward to kind
  • Waterproof
  • Cheerful heel cup
  • Pause precise to foot when stepping
  • No longer basic cushioning within the ball of foot

Every expert that we spoke to for this text agreed that arch comfort comes from balancing sole flexibility and firm beef up. Kuru hit the candy space between both factors with the Kala flip-flop. The contoured footbed straight away stood out the first time our editors slipped it on. Your heel relaxes honest into space fancy your physique flopping into a recliner. With honest the honest amount of stiffness, the footbed cradled our foot with every step.

Despite a deep heel cup, the one real on this flip-flop is indubitably one of many thinnest we examined. This minimizes the load for your feet (one other contributor to arch beef up) and maximizes flexibility. The attain used to be a natural crawl that flexed with our foot, thus limiting foot strain, which is a current occurrence with flimsier examples we have worn within the previous.

Steadiness Contoured footbed
Outsole Rubber
Upper Leather

Simplest flip-flops for Lounging Around

Skechers Ride Wander Massage Fit Sandal

Ride Wander Massage Fit Sandal

  • Very cushioned midsole
  • Light-weight
  • Cheerful straps
  • Outlandish produce

Skechers supplies sturdy arch beef up within the invent of a maxed out midsole. This used to be fingers down the most cushioned and springy flip-flop that we examined. In step with our consultants, going too a ways in on those attributes can work in opposition to arch comfort by making your feet work too exhausting whereas strolling. Fortuitously, Skechers appears to be like to have figured out the put to plot the line. We didn’t feel any strain when though-provoking spherical on this sandal. At the the same time, our heel and mid-foot felt cradled all day long.

Alongside with an amped up midsole, Skechers equipped the Ride Wander with a frigid-but-life like outsole. We found that the alternating wavy produce used to be very versatile within the midsole, minimizing strain on the arch of the foot. This uncommon produce is priceless by methodology of beef up, but much less so by methodology of traction. It does no longer present a firm grip in wet prerequisites, which brought about honest a little of slipping in our testing.

Steadiness HYPER BURST midsole
Outsole EVA
Upper Memory foam

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Most Unusual Flip-flops

Ugg Capitola Flip Flop

Capitola Flip Flop

  • Solid traction
  • Can dress up
  • Wears properly on the coastline
  • Heavy for a flip-flop
  • One among the costliest flip-flops we reviewed

Huge lug soles are having a 2d, and in say that they’ve even confirmed up in flip-flops. Ugg assign a fat, boot-fancy outsole on the Capitola that is no longer biggest licensed, but presents very honest correct traction. The plentiful tread kept us shore footed in wet and sandy prerequisites. This would no longer witness fancy a coastline sandal, on the other hand it in truth performs better than same previous flimsy flip-flops in those prerequisites.

Many menswear fundamentalists will present you that flip-flops are by no methodology stylish for elevated dress. Whereas our editors tend to trust this sentiment, when we did assign this one alongside with a blazer and linen slacks, it worked. Whenever you’re buying for a summer season sandal with loads of arch beef up that can dangle with dressed up appears, here is a convincing alternative.

Steadiness Lug sole
Outsole Synthetic rubber
Upper Leather

Most Versatile Flip-flops

Alive to Kona Leather Flip-Flop

Kona Leather Flip-Flop

  • Permits for athletic crawl
  • Stays securely for your foot for a flip-flop
  • Waterproof
  • Strap takes a whereas to dry

By methodology of glad footwear, invent might per chance tranquil be conscious feature. Alive to designed a utterly different taking a gaze flip-flop, and when we took it for a walk we saw every component lends itself against comfort. Take a gaze on the outsole to know what we mean. The carved out midfoot maximizes flexibility in a basic space to lift stress off the arch of the foot. This successfully turns the abet of the flip-flop into a shock piquant heel.

Even with all that beef up beneath, we found the most glad fragment of this flip-flop is the contoured footbed. It cradles the total sole of your foot from heel to toe, thus giving your arches a little enhance, allowing your heel to sink in, and offering grip for your toes to push off with every step. Simplest of all, the minimalist all-sunless witness potential that you just can wear it with pleasing basic the rest all summer season long.

Steadiness Molded footbed and outsole
Outsole Rubber
Upper Leather

Simplest Flip-flops for Extended Place on

Hoka Ora Restoration Flip

Ora Restoration Flip

  • Mighty cushioning
  • Permits for on the spot crawl for a flip-flop
  • Hundreds colors available
  • Paunchy for a flip-flop

Hoka has built an unparalleled fame for glad sneakers and working sneakers. After spending about a months within the Ora, we can present you that fame applies to flip-flops as properly. The same multi-layer zigzag sole produce that can additionally be found in many of the logo’s sneakers is utilized here. Of every entry on the list, this one held up the longest in precise wear, offering a stage of all-day comfort that is uncommon in flip-flops.

Every podiatrist we consulted warned in opposition to the results of cloud sandals being too squishy, which creates strain for your arch and toes when stepping off. Hoka evaded this put by making a thin top layer that is tender ample to enable our foot to sink in for “cloud” comfort. Below that might per chance very properly be a bigger firm layer that offered sturdy balance in our testing. The zigzag form, which is higher within the heel, did no longer motive any strain within the arch when stepping off.

Steadiness Two layer, MetaRocker sole
Outsole EVA foam
Upper EVA foam

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Simplest Flip-flops for Outdoors Actions

Gubarun Sport Flip Flops

Sport Flip Flops

  • Waterproof
  • Immense traction for trails
  • Padded straps
  • Footbed is a litte stiff

Gubarun makes a speciality of footwear for rugged outside adventure. We took this flip-flop slide boarding, on a low-impact hike, and to about a utterly different coastline trips. The 2 layered contoured sole produce offered honest the honest balance between flexibility and balance. The midsole is thinner and curves up to bolster the natural crawl of the arch without adding bulk. It handled the complicated motions of skedaddle hikes with no deliver.

Waterproof flip-flops are no longer exhausting to gain but this one in truth performs properly when wet. We wore it in and spherical water, and situated the outsole caught to the ground fancy a champ. Fascinating texture is laid out on the footbed to forestall your feet from sliding out of the sandal too, which used to be effective. The most reasonable in all probability fragment is how quickly the straps dried. Padded textile flip-flop straps are glad but tend to raise onto water, the put this one did no longer.

Steadiness Contoured footbed and Outsole
Outsole Rubber
Upper Rubber

Simplest Flip-flops for Wander

Olukai Ulele Sandals

Ulele Sandals

  • Packs flat
  • Very light weight
  • Solid grip footbed

That it is in all probability you’ll’t indubitably mosey nasty with any flip-flop from Olukai, but the Ulele presents additional comfort for any individual with arch exertion factors. This would seem like the most easy produce on the list, but about a small parts space it rather then licensed flat soled flip-flops. A dinky S curve within the footbed, which fits up to beef up the arch, the total kind down to cradle the ball of the foot, and abet up to transfer alongside with your toes when stepping, makes the total distinction. We found that this produce offered loads of beef up for such a thin sole and moved naturally with our feet to forestall strain.

Any flip-flop is easy to pack, but the Ulele is so skinny that it takes up no longer ceaselessly any home in bags. One among our editors took it on a protracted weekend mosey back and forth whereas packing honest one elevate-on in discovering. Taking up so little room in transit and being glad ample to take care of it up their feet for most of the weekend used to be hang. Which is why we picked this one because the most easy inch flip-flop on the list.

Steadiness Contoured sole
Upper EVA foam
Outsole Synthetic rubber

Simplest Flip-flops for the Pool

Reef Men’s Swellsole Cruiser Flip-Flop

Reef Men's Swellsole Cruiser Flip-Flop

  • Very lightweight
  • Solid cushioning
  • Enticing traction on concrete and pool decks
  • Footbed itself can gain slippery when wet over time

Reef has produced a signature flip-flop with the the same easy produce for about a a protracted time now and it tranquil holds up. However, it does no longer provide basic within the methodology of arch beef up. By beefing up the footbed with a dinky contour and little more padding, then adding a natural curve to the toe, the California sandal company got here up with the Swellsole Cruiser. This change on the logo’s classic flip-flop offered a delicate addition in comfort for our editors who wore the distinctive version for about a years.

Just a few of our editors fancy Reef flip-flops for the reason that impress has constantly offered decent traction on the outsole and glad straps. Each of those basic parts are present within the Swellsole. The straps are an man made rubber and fabric mix that dried quickly when we bought it wet, and the outsole has a grippy texture that held up on wet and sandy surfaces at some level of testing.

Steadiness Contoured sole and footbed
Upper EVA
Outsole Rubber

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Meet the Consultants

  • Dr. Daniel Geller, D.P.M.
  • Dr. Brad Schaeffer, D.P.M.
  • Dr. Daniel Pledger, D.P.M
  • Turner Allen, Stylist

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Why Belief Us

At Men’s Health, our testing editors and writers constantly be sure to essentially test and employ the products ourselves earlier than taking into account whether or no longer to encompass them. Attributable to this truth, rest assured that our product suggestions bag from first-hand expertise, and it is in all probability you’ll learn more about our testing job here.

For instance, we have a entire vogue closet in our NYC place of job dedicated to calling in, attempting out, and deciding on the most easy and newest menswear products. We assign them on stylish, match guys to hear their opinions and survey how the objects witness on them earlier than making our remaining resolution. And as kind editors, we constantly mosey into the vogue closet to feel a product’s supplies—even assign it on ourselves for a walk—to verify it.

Lastly, it is in all probability you’ll belief our opinions on taking a gaze suggestions, whether or no longer it’s the products, styling guidelines, or traits. No longer biggest will we have Model Director Ted Stafford and Deputy Editor, Commerce Christian Gollyan, but we in truth have a panel of kind consultants—alongside with stylists, vogue influencers, designers, etc.—whom we customarily behold taking a gaze guides from. Attributable to this truth, our product suggestions and shopping guidelines are all pushed by authentic, expert opinions.

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