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Tarkov Patch 14.9.6 – Preparing for Wipe

 Tarkov Patch 14.9.6 – Preparing for Wipe

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Tarkov Patch 14.9.6 – Making ready for Wipe

The most up-to-date Tarkov Patch 14.9.6 is right here. Whereas it’s a itsy-bitsy patch as we prepare for the wipe, it’s a truly well-known one as continually.

Tarkov Patch 14.9.6

List of changes:

  • Added a brand contemporary quest line for acquiring 2A2-(b-TG) stimulant, permitting homeowners of any model to cancel this item;
  • Added a brand contemporary choice “Hideout zone upgrade items” to the Auto Wishlist setting, which doesn’t encompass items from favorited crafting recipes, nonetheless does encompass everything wished to occupy and upgrade the Hideout;
  • Modified the negate of the Wishlist button within the interplay menu and the Survey button within the bottom menu.


The contemporary stimulant is now available for all via a quest, it has the negate results:


900s Duration:

  • Will improve Attention (+10)
  • Will improve Opinion (+10)
  • Will improve weight restrict (+15%)

900s Duration:

  • Decreases hydration recovery

The opposite main changes attain to the Wishlist. The contemporary choice is huge nonetheless the negate of the icon has triggered many folks to misclick, in notify that’s now been mounted. Which it’s possible you’ll now also Wishlist a bunch of Hideout Upgrade items, making it more straightforward to work out what you wish to upgrade your Hideout.

List of fixes:

  • Mounted the flexibility to trade the AI amount in PvE mode;
  • Mounted an location the attach prolonged PMC pockets as a reward for the project chain came with a time prolong;
  • Mounted the DSP radio transmitter now not working accurately in PvE mode;
  • Mounted the incorrect display of armor injury within the post-raid statistics;
  • Mounted an location with the TerraGroup Labs access keycard now not disappearing after a raid in The Lab in PvE mode;
  • Mounted the “Light muscle wretchedness” and “Excessive muscle wretchedness” debuffs now not working accurately after utilizing the Gymnasium within the Hideout in PvE mode.

The most intelligent trade right here comes for gamers in PvE. Allowing you to trade the amount of AI that spawns on a map, great corresponding to that you just can additionally in essentially the most up-to-date “Custom Recreation” mode for EOD and Unheard homeowners.

When will Tarkov Next Wipe

We’re going to bag the following Wipe in August, very possible within the course of the heart piece. So at most we will potentially be ready around four weeks from this day. Ask the conventional level of “pre-huge” events to mosey live within the upcoming weeks as BSG survey to let folks win some fun before all their items are wiped for what may maybe be the last wipe before the 1.0 commence.

That’s it for now, and it’s possible one among the last patches we bag before the wipe

Tarkov Patch 14.9.6 – Making ready for Wipe

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David later became Editor at ESTNN and now leads essentially the most up-to-date team.

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