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“Spanghetti?” – Hilda Baci Trolls Online After Pronouncing ‘Spaghetti’ As ‘Spanghetti’ During Live Interview

 “Spanghetti?” – Hilda Baci Trolls Online After Pronouncing ‘Spaghetti’ As ‘Spanghetti’ During Live Interview
Hilda Baci

Hilda Baci, Nigerian vital particular person chef, is trending online after mispronouncing “spaghetti” as “spanghtti” in a recent interview images.

For the length of the podcast, the interviewer requested Hilda to title the most accepted dish on this planet.

Hilda Baci, who was as soon as puzzled, mentioned rice earlier than deciding on pasta as her final pick, which proved to be incorrect.

The interviewer in the end corrected her, telling her that the valid response was as soon as rice.

Nevertheless, Hilda Baci’s effort to acknowledge to the query by pronouncing Spaghetti as Spaghetti ‘Spanghetti’ grabbed the honor of netizens.

Observant netizens jumped on this oddity, with debates raging over whether she flopped one day of the pronunciation or was as soon as humorously speaking.

Reacting to the post;

One @_maniisweet16 wrote: “We are all allowed to have accents in Nigeria attributable to our varied tribes and all that, maybe her dialect influenced the pronunciation or she was as soon as honest joking and searching to be humorous. for the frontal yea it wasn’t laid well and was as soon as doubtlessly installed days earlier than that interview, frontals don’t final after first day of set up, I prefer 6*6 closures which you will wear as mini frontals and destroy perfectly with out installing.”

beautifulserene wrote: “That particular particular person tone is for whenever you’re searching to be humorous. She’s honest goofing round.”

winie_of_lagos wrote: “Na Calabar woman…they frequently have points with their tongue and likely her masses masses enamel affected the pronunciation. Then for the hair…the glue is getting tired already”

chilezbrand_ wrote: “Lol ify leavr my babe oo, na akwaibom tongue she win she no destroy particular person.”

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