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See how Destiny Etiko reacted to prophecies of her death that triggered some Nigerians (video)

 See how Destiny Etiko reacted to prophecies of her death that triggered some Nigerians (video)
“I’m No longer Apprehensive”: Future Etiko Rebukes Loss of life Prophecies in Emotional Video, Triggers Reactions

  • Widespread Nollywood actress Future Etiko has broken her silence following a series of detrimental prophecies about her
  • Recall that some americans took to social media to say that she was as soon as surrounded by death and darkness
  • Following the prophecies of her death, Etiko went stay on social media to handle them and netizens shared their solutions
  • A Nigerian Christain girl shared her solutions with on how she would react to getting a detrimental prophecy

Widespread Nollywood actress Future Etiko has taken to social media to react to prophecies of her death.

Recall that rapidly after the demise of her colleague, Jnr Pope, a Ghanaian seer Karma President and others went online to say that any individual was as soon as planning to poison Etiko and that she would no longer stay a long existence.

Future Etiko in the end reacts to prophecies of her death.
Video trends as Future Etiko reacts to death prophecy.
Photos: @destinyetikoofficial
Provide: Instagram

Future Etiko in the end addresses death prophecies

The Nollywood star went stay on social media to interrupt her silence on the detrimental prophecies she had received. Etiko, who perceived to be very emotional, made it sure that she wasn’t shy.

In step with the actress, the appropriate time she would be worried is that if her God is inflamed along with her. She went on to utter that she hasn’t offended any individual or carried out unsuitable and God is by her side.

In her phrases:

“The particular time I will also rep terrified is after they are saying my God is inflamed with me, that’s the appropriate time I am going to be shaking. Plenty of americans occupy reached out to request about me, I am completely k, I haven’t wronged any individual, I haven’t carried out any unsuitable to any individual, so nothing that any individual does will work. I work primarily based on my God, in actual fact he works earlier than me, He’s by my side, I’m protected.”

Etiko mourns Nollywood’s losses

Additionally in the future of the stay session, Future Etiko spoke on the evil blow Nollywood suffered after the death of Jnr Pope, and four a range of crew participants. She accepted that it was as soon as very disheartening.

The actress then reiterated that she has completely nothing to be frightened of. She stated:

“It’s no longer been easy, Nollywood of course misplaced something this time, Nollywood did no longer lose one or two or three or four, we misplaced five. It’s so disheartening and painful, but whoever you judge you would possibly presumably presumably also be, or wherever you judge God has positioned you in existence and you neglect your God who has made you, your enjoy is long past. I’m no longer terrified because I know who I’m with, I even occupy completely nothing to be frightened of.”

Perceive her video below:

Future Etiko’s emotional reaction to the prophecies of her death got many netizens talking. Read what some of them needed to utter below:


“Publicly they declared and publicly you rejected.settled in heaven ✔️.”

“The one who died you americans stated he must occupy listened.The one who’s listening and openly rebuking and renouncing unsuitable prophecy you americans stated she is shy and chasing clout. I proper quit on Nigerians.”


“Nothing will happen to you Future.It’s effectively with you.”


“With the prophets’ online warnings, or no longer it is fitting for her to retort online as effectively. Mediate me, she’s prayed fervently in her battle room!”


“U don’t desire to salvage the relaxation to any individual for them to realize after you we’re in a world stuffed with envy.”


“What’s so particular in that exchange that there would possibly be so great bitterness and wickedness against every a range of … what exactly are the fighting for ?”


“Learn to rebuke and pray against detrimental phrases and prophecies. Isaiah 7:7.”


“Her enemies will possible be disillusioned by their expectations,she will Dwell long in staunch effectively being.”


“U dont need to salvage notorious earlier than they hurt u, proper be protected.”


“That AsabaNolly is something else .”


“Her final phrases “Whatever you would possibly presumably presumably also be serving Abeg support am effectively ooh, there would possibly be nothing on this existence.”

As a Christian, I salvage no longer work in wretchedness – Girl speaks

In an strange chat with, a Nigerian Christian girl, Helena, opened up on how she would react to any individual sharing a detrimental prophecy along with her.

Consistent along with her, she would not uncover the necessity to be shy because or no longer it is most inspiring God that protects. She stated:

“As a Christian, I know to no longer work in wretchedness. When any individual says something to me, I don’t uncover the necessity to be shy but it doesn’t point out I am going to necessarily push apart it. I am going to pray about it, commit myself to God’s fingers and belief that God will salvage everything because it’s no longer savor I will provide protection to myself, it’s most inspiring the prayers I will voice, so I received’t rep sad or labored up about it.”

Girl’s prophecy about Junior Pope’s death surfaces recalls reporting that every other prophet and neatly-known particular person seer, Sharp Ndibunwa, shared how she foresaw the tragic boat capsize, which claimed the existence of Junior Pope.

In a viral video, Sharp had entreated Nollywood actors to hope for their lives. The seer stated that though she is aware that they pray, they ought to salvage better because she noticed the incident coming.


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