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Polkadot’s Q1 shocker – Good news for user growth, but bad news for…

 Polkadot’s Q1 shocker – Good news for user growth, but bad news for…

Polkadot's Q1 shocker - Unbiased appropriate data for user boost, but infamous data for...



  • Polkadot recorded a rise in search data from of in Q1
  • Then again, revenue plummeted despite search data from of peaking over the interval

Layer-0 blockchain Polkadot [DOT] saw a essential uptick in user exercise within the 12 months’s first quarter, in step with Messari’s most up-to-date characterize. 

Per the on-chain data provider, search data from of for Polkadot’s Relay Chain and its parachains surged to unusual highs. Then again, this didn’t impression the community’s revenue, which saw a essential decline for the interval of the quarter in set apart a question to.  

What came about on Polkadot in Q1?

Polkadot’s Relay Chain saw an uptick within the count of returning addresses and unusual addresses created on it in Q1. The Relay Chain is the community’s central chain that handles the blockchain’s coordination and safety. 

All the draw via the quarter under assessment, the series of returning addresses on Polkadot’s Relay Chain totalled 8,200, representing a 9% surge in active addresses on the community quarter over quarter (QoQ).

Likewise, 3,100 unusual addresses were created on Polkadot’s Relay Chain for the interval of the 90-day interval. This marked a 23% QoQ magnify from the 2500 unusual addresses created on the community within the final quarter of 2023.

Across its parachains, Messari came across identical success. These parachains are particular particular person blockchains that flee parallel and are linked to the Relay Chain. All the draw via the quarter under assessment, “parachain active addresses reached an all-time high of 514,000, a Forty eight% magnify QoQ,” Messari said.

In spite of the whole thing, parachains a lot like Moonbeam, Noodle, Astar, and Bifrost recorded some success too as they saw a spike in user search data from of for the interval of that three-month interval.

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Messari went on to add,

“Moonbeam extra prolonged its region because the leading parachain with 217,000 month-to-month active addresses (+110% QoQ). Nodle followed with 54,000 month-to-month active addresses, doubling from the outdated quarter. Astar saw a moderate magnify to 26,000 (+8% QoQ), and Bifrost Finance’s active addresses rather elevated to 10,000 (+2% QoQ).”

Curiously, despite the sustained hike in exercise on the Polkadot community in Q1, revenue derived from transaction payments cratered vastly. 

Polkadot Q1 2024 Income

Source: Messari

Per the characterize, the Layer-0’s revenue between January and March totalled $241,000. This alluded to a 91% decrease from the $2.8 million it recorded in Q4 of 2023. 

Messari concluded,

“In Q4 2023, Polkadot’s revenue amounted to $2.8 million, marking a essential magnify of 2,880% QoQ. This surge used to be basically attributed to the full rise in extrinsics in insensible December, pushed by the Polkadot Inscriptions. In Q1 2024, revenue metrics fell vastly on a QoQ basis. Income (USD) used to be $241,000 (-91% QoQ), and Income (DOT) used to be 28,800 (-92% QoQ).”

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