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Nikki Haley Attacks DeSantis As ‘Mini Trump . . . Without The Charm’

 Nikki Haley Attacks DeSantis As ‘Mini Trump . . . Without The Charm’


Ancient South Carolina Gov. and 2024 GOP presidential contender Nikki Haley criticized Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) sooner than his broadly expected entrance into the presidential flee in a memo Tuesday that casts DeSantis as a lesser different to Trump, whereas repeating many of the ex-president’s talking components about his historical protege.

Republican presidential candidate and historical South Carolina governor Nikki Haley holds a rally in … [+] Greer, South Carolina, United States on Might well perchance 4, 2023 (Dispute by Peter Zay/Anadolu Company by technique of Getty Photos)

Anadolu Company by technique of Getty Photos

Key Info

Haley chided DeSantis for acting to “mimic” Trump on the entirety from his body language to coverage positions, her campaign wrote within the memo, which involves aspect-by-aspect photos of Trump and DeSantis making identical gestures all the scheme in which through talking engagements.

Haley’s campaign pointed out that DeSantis promoted his alliance with Trump in his 2018 campaign for governor, bolstering Trump’s claim that he shepherded DeSantis’ political rise.

The literature assaults DeSantis’ personality, a frequent Trump tactic, stating “the evident distinction between the 2 is DeSantis’ incapability to work collectively straight with voters,” a reference to observations that DeSantis in general appears to be like stiff and impersonable in public.

Haley’s team of workers additionally offers a nod to Trump’s 1987 book, The Art work of the Deal, in taking a jab at DeSantis’ negotiating talents over Disney’s cancellation of a $1 billion vogue in Orlando: “He need to’ve skipped that chapter,” the memo states.

The memo criticizes Trump, mainly by pairing him with DeSantis: Haley promoted her have pro-Ukraine stance in rebuking Trump’s and DeSantis’ remarks suggesting the U.S. ought to scale inspire its engagement within the war, and she additionally accused every of being “terrified to chat about how they would system abortion” (Trump and DeSantis have not stated whether they help a national abortion ban, whereas Haley has stated it’s politically unrealistic).


The pro-DeSantis gorgeous PAC, By no system Support Down, hit inspire at Haley after she criticized DeSantis’ battle with Disney closing month by airing an advertisement of Disney officers touting the corporate’s spend of LGBTQIA characters, paired with a clip of Haley announcing she would welcome the corporate to South Carolina. “Mickey Haley!” the gorgeous PAC tweeted. By no system Support Down additionally suggested Haley is “attempting in fact exhausting” to be Trump’s vice presidential decide.

Key Background

Haley turned into Trump’s first GOP challenger when she launched her candidacy in February. A historical United Countries ambassador underneath Trump, Haley stated in 2021 she would no longer enter the GOP vital flee and as a change help Trump if he ran all another time, nonetheless left open the likelihood that she would possibly well change her tips, telling the Associated Press, “that’s something we’ll be able to love a dialog about at some level.” Trump has largely pushed apart Haley and the four other vital candidates to formally expose challenges to him to this level, and has as a change centered his ire on DeSantis, launching shut to-every day assaults as DeSantis gears up to convey his presidential campaign. One region where Haley has veered into the fray with Trump is January 6. “It was as soon as no longer an heavenly day, it was as soon as a unpleasant day, and we don’t ever desire that to occur all another time,” she no longer too prolonged within the past told supporters in Iowa, a reference to Trump’s comments all the scheme in which through a town hall with CNN earlier this month where he expressed plans to pardon convicted January 6 rioters and referred to because it an “amazing” and “shining” day.


Trump welcomed every Haley and Sen. Tim Scott’s (R-S.C.) entrances into the flee as his advisors reportedly hope the rising candidate discipline will draw votes faraway from DeSantis and allow Trump to receive the nomination. “The in vogue thinking is that Scott stepping into is one more signal that there is blood within the water for DeSantis,” one Trump consultant no longer too prolonged within the past told Politico.

What To Ogle For

DeSantis is broadly expected to formally expose his candidacy with the Federal Election Commission this week, adopted by a formal announcement sometime after Memorial Day from his set of birth of Dunedin, Florida.

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