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Nigerian Man Throws Lavish Naming Ceremony For His Dog And Her 7 Newborn Pups (WATCH)

 Nigerian Man Throws Lavish Naming Ceremony For His Dog And Her 7 Newborn Pups (WATCH)

A Nigerian man has captured the eye of social media users by organizing a gargantuan naming ceremony for his liked dogs, Nike, and her litter of seven home dogs.

The series of videos shared on the man’s social media platform has gone viral, showing the lengths he has gone to possess an finest time the present additions to his family.

Prior to the extremely anticipated naming ceremony, the man even held a toddler bathe for the expectant dogs, decorating the match dwelling with balloons and other glamorous materials.

One instruct video showed the soon-to-be mother dogs decorated with a wig and glasses as if making ready for her particular day.

Finally, the naming ceremony occurred, with the man sparing no expense.

Tins stuffed with dogs food, as smartly as banners featuring the faces of Nike and her owner, decorated the venue.

The heartwarming match has sparked a flood of reactions from social media users, with many expressing their surprise at the man’s love and dedication to his dogs.

As the videos proceed to movement, it has captivated audiences online, ensuing in mixed reactions and viewers flooding the commentary allotment.

Peek some comments below:

@💦Sarah“For my naming ceremony na coaster biscuits them part oo😂no tent ooo.”

@mummykashmoni: “what’s all this Se ewa okay naming aja😂😂😂.”

@Omotola⚜️💡💫💥🦋: “It changed into intelligent oh💃💃💃💃.”

@vanessachika945: “daddy nike congratulations😅😂 this social gathering is a gaju😅

@Destinyckr: “Seriously!!!!!! Good one.. We are in a position to be a part of u online.

Glimpse the video below:

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