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Nigerian man shares ‘japa’ experience as he marries, buys car within a year after relocating to Canada

 Nigerian man shares ‘japa’ experience as he marries, buys car within a year after relocating to Canada

A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to half his journey after relocating to Winnipeg, Canada, in 2022.

The man, who goes by the cope with @KaizTweets, narrated his ‘japa’ journey on Thursday, May perchance perchance perchance perchance also 18, to occupy a truthful time his first year of migrating from Nigeria.

According to him, he got a job two weeks after migrating to Canada, supplied a impress modern automobile, and married the love of his lifestyles in January 2023.

He moreover expressed gratitude for his experiences up to now and highlighted that his monthly expenses, alongside with taxes, in Canada is bigger than his annual salary encourage in Nigeria.


Recently makes it exactly a year since I left Nigeria.

I had a form of alarm interior me as I changed into once leaving, but by some means, the relief and happiness I moreover felt overshadowed the alarm. I had dreamt referring to the day and 4 days prior to the day out, I couldn’t even sleep so worthy I undergo in suggestions I’d be up silly nights, and I saved arranging and rearranging my baggage, weighing my load, no longer sure which of my clothes I changed into once ready to leave on the encourage of, gleaming I had no plans of going encourage to Nigeria anytime quickly.

I would run online and may perchance be reading referring to the cities in Canada, the of us in Canada, the in vogue price of rent, job opportunities, and every random long-established truth about Canada. I applied to some jobs that I felt were a staunch match for my silent abilities I changed into once ready for the worst, as of us in a foreign country are repeatedly so like a flash to scream us how grand lifestyles is in a foreign country, especially if you’re in a occupation that’s regulated in a foreign country and would want to write loads of checks prior to you too can follow over there.

I in actuality occupy company who were already in diverse international locations, and they all scream me the types of survival jobs they had to conclude. I changed into once ready to receive there and birth the hustle myself. No longer lower than, one thing to pay the payments as I no be prosperous man pikin and gbese plump ground to pay (japa money) But in all these, I changed into once proper hopeful. I did a form of diversifications ehn. I’ll calculate my imaginary monthly revenue on the minimum wage, and I’ll rob away obligatory expenses in my head love rent, feeding, transport, phone payments, dwelling cyber web, proper to leer if I’ll continue to exist…

I selected to settle in Winnipeg, Manitoba because of my fiancé (as she then changed into once) changed into once education there, and I wished to be finish to her. I undergo in suggestions a staunch friend of mine saved asking why Manitoba? He even supplied to dwelling me for a whereas in Alberta. “Alternatives no too dey that design o”, “that design is simply too frigid o”, “why no longer come to Alberta” “There are better opportunities here”, “some of our other colleagues dey here”

I changed into once tempted, but I prayed about it, and I proper didn’t leer myself anyplace else…

17th May perchance perchance perchance perchance also, 2022. I said my short-term byes to my of us boarded my first sole international flight.

The 2d our flight left Abuja, and we reached that aloof dwelling up there, I felt a huge relief, and the general sleep I had been depriving myself of fell on me.

I slept so worthy that I nearly uncared for the food, but the Naija man beside me that had a German accent changed into once so good to wake me up. It changed into once whereas we were drinking that I got to take hang of that he had been residing in Germany for over two decades and he is worthy extra fluent in German than English…

We had a layover at Frankfurt, and I proper saved admiring the general ambiance (without acting love a amateur)…lol.

This image changed into once at Frankfurt.

Frankfurt to Toronto changed into once the 2d flight. I changed into once largely wide awake, and the 8hrs+ glided by so speedy. The 2d I arrived in Toronto and did all my arrival check-in and got the crimson fetch with the welcome equipment for impress modern immigrants, I proper couldn’t occupy the enjoyment I felt that day.

Toronto to Winnipeg changed into once lower than 3hrs, but it felt longer. I changed into once so wanting to leer boo. This lady had helped me right a room in a 2 bedroom, and my host changed into once within the opposite room. She got me a bed for the room, and he or she changed into once on the Airport alongside with her Aunt over an hour prior to we landed to welcome me and tumble me at my “modern” design.

I changed into once at ideal “dwelling”, 25hrs flight time from Abuja to Winnipeg, and I didn’t even in actuality feel any jetlag, didn’t in actuality feel a single body ache, and I adjusted to the timezone proper now.

Although it changed into once very bizarre to me that by 10pm, it changed into once silent so colorful outside. I slept love a child that evening, and by 6am the following day, I changed into once up and welcoming to discover my modern metropolis.

By that weekend, I changed into once already out with some Nigerian of us who occupy now change into my Winnipeg family, we had drinks and food, and they all shared their experiences with me… By the cease of the day, I changed into once looking ahead to that we’d half the payments and we’ll all pay for what we had (the manner in a foreign country of us conclude), so I brought out cash when it changed into once time to pay. 😄😀

They all laughed at me that evening. They said I didn’t even occupy a job but, and I changed into once already bringing out money. They didn’t let me tumble a dime, and even after I got a job, I changed into once exempted from paying for the first 3 months of day out. And it changed into once summer season, we were going out A LOT!

They didn’t let me in actuality feel stress the least bit, I didn’t in actuality feel jobless, it proper felt love I changed into once on stride.

2 weeks after I arrived in Winnipeg, I got an email from really some of the roles I had applied for once I changed into once in Nigeria. It changed into once the finest Employer I applied to nd the very supreme paying one.

It changed into once love a film.

Lengthy checklist short, I went for exam and had the interview after. It changed into once on the interview that they were even now requesting my phone number and my location in Canada. Lol.

I knack run smartly with because of I no wan hear “you’re no longer effectively dressed”😀

Little boy, BIG GOD. By the 2d day, the Regional Supervisor referred to as with staunch news, and he requested once I’d resume. Truthful love that, no human connection wanted. He moreover speedy me, it’s a transient-term job, and it changed into once supposed to be for 2 months with the choice of renewal…

I took the job with grace and resumed the following week.

2 months changed into 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 months…and exactly 11 months after working as a Temp, I changed into once supplied a Permanent Position ideal week.

And by God’s grace, I’ve had nothing but sweet experiences on this nation.

I got my first automobile and moved out of my shared rental interior 3 months of resuming my job, took the toll road take a look at and got my drivers license once (of us that know, know), I got married to the love of my lifestyles in January, I’ve made some good company, and performed every other things..

My prayer aspects occupy modified since I got here.

Existence has been so staunch, I’m able to handiest give thanks to God, and I understand it’ll handiest protect bettering.

As of this day, the monthly deductions (tax et all) on my salary is bigger than what I aged to invent as salary for a total year…

Some days, I web myself complaining about some things I’m hoping to enact or about how worthy tax they deduct from my pay every 2 weeks, then my wife is repeatedly so like a flash to strike a cord in me of where I’m coming from and the top map I wants to be extra grateful to God.

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