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New EP: Jon Kore – Journey: Dreamer

 New EP: Jon Kore – Journey: Dreamer

Introducing Oghenemega Dedeku Peter, who goes by the stage name Jon Kore. Hailing from Delta, Nigeria, this singer-songwriter combines Afrobeats, dancehall, and replacement song to secure his queer sound. His most up-to-date release, “Creep: Dreamer,” takes listeners on an emotional trot, showcasing his ardour for the Nigerian song trade.

In this EP, Jon Kore shares the epic of a younger man who dreams of revolutionising the Afro-style. With heartfelt ballads and infectious beats, his song resonates with listeners, leaving a protracted lasting influence. “Creep: Dreamer” also celebrates Jon Kore’s admiration for women and his personal experiences with them.

The project homes six tracks titled “Tiktak,” “Lovette,” “Sinner,” “Stress,” “Staunch Lovinn,” and “Correct Events in Eko.” It’s price noting that Jon Kore himself dealt with the mastering and engineering of these tracks.

Hear to the EP below:

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