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Marketing Briefing: How eBay is experimenting with generative AI for more ad personalization now

 Marketing Briefing: How eBay is experimenting with generative AI for more ad personalization now

By Kristina Monllos  •  April 2, 2024  •  6 min read  •

Ivy Liu

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Mighty of the chatter about the affect of generative AI on promoting tends to center of attention on the aptitude future possibilities in situation of most modern applications. Over the closing six months, eBay’s in-home AI team has been figuring out how the firm can leverage generative AI to back with ad personalization. 

“So a lot of where we’ve centered our AI and personalization activities previously has been in predictive modeling, if fact be told working out more of what you want, need to you’d have thought to be trying it, how you’d have thought to be trying it,” acknowledged Adrian Fung, eBay’s world CMO. “But then there’s continuously boundaries, true? We would even be ready to win it to very granular recordsdata. But how manufacture we if fact be told develop remark material that is attention-grabbing to you in step with what you want?”

Early experimentation with generative AI ad personalization for eBay has viewed the firm growing more banner adverts, more personalized solutions and discipline lines for emails for its owned and earned channels moreover to working with YouTube on assorted video edits for its paid adverts. The discipline for eBay isn’t any longer supreme producing remark material that will enchantment to its clients on a deepest level but additionally managing the roughly two billion items on its situation with remark material written for those items by the merchandise’s sellers and discovering ways to develop that more attention-grabbing. 

“We can fabricate more than one variations of that banner and starting up optimizing and testing which of them would possibly perchance well work primarily the most efficient,” acknowledged Fung, including that the hope is to have a total bunch of banner adverts that it would possibly perchance most likely check and optimize to any individual in my contrivance. “Genuine now, we are going through and getting from lower than 10 at a time into dozens at a time. The aspiration is to win even higher than that.” 

The firm’s core in-home AI team is working with its product and marketing groups to define the capabilities and salvage ways to scale the sigh of AI for those groups. “We’re no longer at the stage where we’re chuffed letting the AI exit with out human supervision,” acknowledged Fung. “What we’re constructing is platforms where the gen AI creates more than one diversifications instant.”

What would’ve taken a person weeks to manufacture ingenious now takes supreme days for the groups to check and sigh, Fung added. Mighty of this most modern testing with generative AI personalization is centered on the firm’s owned and earned channels. As an example, in situation of having marketing banners on the homepage scheduled in step with topics that will turn out to be relevant relish vacation or “sizable generic topical stuff” the firm is working to have banners that will perchance perchance be more “engaging” and “personalized,” defined Fung, in step with any individual’s interests.

This is an instance of purchasers taking a “stride, stroll, proceed” ability to AI that assorted marketers will most likely mimic, acknowledged Slash Miaritis, chief consumer officer at VaynerMedia.

“I’m seeing assorted Fortune 100 assorted corporations having the identical dialog, which is in situation of continuing to craft discipline lines for CRM to [a few] assorted audiences will we now craft hundreds of them and then spoil the target market down into segments,” acknowledged Miaritis. “So that I believe is a mammoth straightforward portion that I would take into accounts over the path of the next 18 to 24 months, most organizations have that in a beta or pilot.” 

Whereas some marketers relish Coca-Cola were touting their sigh of generative AI, others relish Under Armour have lately viewed criticism of their sigh of generative AI. How generative AI is used, its cause, how outdated belongings are used and what’s going to reach moreover to the moral and true questions will continue to swirl as marketers settle out straightforward how to ability the technology.

3 Questions with Catherine Ayers, ASICS’ senior director of promoting

The marketing and promoting panorama has modified dramatically. How is ASICS adapting? 

What we behold is with all that ever-changing pieces to marketing, and obviously technique, there’s a sure half that we behold that we have to continue and terminate bright — bright to the ASICS impress and how we were based. At the discontinue of the day, that’s connecting to communities and guaranteeing that we are uplifting and supporting those communities.

With that guaranteeing that, whereas we’re uplifting those communities, that we’re connecting to the true partners so that we are if fact be told supporting participants all over. For us, on that system [of] how we connect, we have got ASICS impress ambassadors that [spread across a] plethora of varied areas in formulation of the U.S. to key media industry partners. Our athletes are a sizable snarl for us, notably Olympic year.

For us, if fact be told taking it to that ground level neighborhood-centric system is something that we’ll continue to center of attention on no subject, to your point, about a of those assorted things that are changing around us.

How does a neighborhood-driven system back boost awareness and fabricate a impress situation in the U.S.?

When we focus on those forms of ambassadors, we additionally bring in our athletes [like Tenia Fisher and Asia Rawls] to be a component of that dialog. So we bring our, nearly in a technique, our ASICS neighborhood all collectively.

So a lot of the time, that is anchored in key moments. In these moments, how manufacture we bring some key athletes with us? How manufacture we develop sure you know, we are supporting our ambassadors within their communities at those times and if fact be told connecting all those dots collectively, need to it is seemingly you’ll perchance well?

What manufacture the influencer marketing efforts behold relish?

We’ve stayed with micro [influencers]. There are some aspects of our alternate, specifically in our sport model aspect, that we partnered with partners relish Stefon Diggs, which another time, it is seemingly you’ll perchance perchance also say macro [influencer]. On the assorted hand it’s great … because it’s no longer relish we if fact be told manufacture sizable contracts with someone. That’s no longer in our DNA. It’s if fact be told centered on another time, who the person is, manufacture they fancy the impress? Attain they form of embody that tips, sound, body essence? — Kimeko McCoy

By the numbers

Streaming remains to be the bolt-to manner to head searching for tv with 73% of adults turning to streaming services and products earlier than cable and broadcast, in step with analysis from Adtaxi, digital marketing agency. To protect up with changes in the map in which of us seek for tv, advertisers are more and more including linked tv to their media mixes. (A behold at how the ad-supported streaming battle will shake out here.) Look more key findings from Adtaxi’s document under:

  • When deciding on straightforward how to head searching for TV and video remark material, the majority (72%) seek for through their TV situation.
  • On reasonable, streamers who acknowledge to adverts manufacture so in two or more ways. Over half of (51%) bolt straight to a firm’s web situation, 40% behold at the firm’s social media, and 36% set in tips a firm assessment.
  • In the case of promoting on streaming services and products, a significant majority of respondents (two-thirds) have seen a upward thrust in the amount of adverts displayed whereas streaming. Of those respondents, half of bellow the amplify in adverts has a negative manufacture on their viewing abilities. — Kimeko McCoy

Quote of the week

“Every marketing campaign I bought inspire from every retail media network used to be alway relish ‘This is basically the most efficient part since sliced bread.’ Some were coming to us to deliver it used to be a protect an eye fixed on versus issue methodology. Others would snarl us they were calculating in step with a sure protect an eye fixed on. There were very assorted ranges of dimension. To this day, there’s nobody situation develop or methodology to set in tips incrementality [across retail media networks.] So a lot of what we had to manufacture used to be vet them on how they measure incrementality.” 

— Paras Shah, director of digital marketing at Georgia-Pacific, when asked about how the firm has managed — and judged — the growth of retail media networks.

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