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LIST: You want to unlock the mystery of Nigerian politics? Watch these 5 movies

 LIST: You want to unlock the mystery of Nigerian politics? Watch these 5 movies

Nigeria is a nation with a fancy and dynamic political gadget. Over time, the nation has experienced several occasions which fill fashioned its political landscape.

From militia coups to civilian rule, Nigeria’s politics is an titillating topic to score.

Political motion photos/Jagaban: Last Man Standing/October 1
Jagaban: Last Man Standing is listed among the many motion photos to glance to reach insights into Nigeria’s politics.
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Staring at motion photos that depict Nigeria’s political historical past and the present enlighten of its politics will be a unheard of technique to score out referring to the nation’s political gadget.

This share examines 5 motion photos to glance if you happen to love to fill to note the politics of Africa’s most populous nation and greatest economy.

October 1 movie by Kunle Afolayan

October 1 is a historical drama film that explores the occasions ensuing in Nigeria’s independence in 1960. The movie is determined in a small village in Nigeria the set up a British police officer is investigating the abolish of a native girl.

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The movie depicts the stress and warfare between the Nigerian folks and the British colonial authorities, which finally ended in Nigeria’s independence. The film is a have to-glance for any individual attracted to realizing Nigeria’s political historical past.

The Assembly movie by movie by Rita Dominic & Mildred Okwo

The Assembly is a political satire that highlights the concerns of Nigeria’s bureaucratic gadget via the memoir of a civil servant making an strive to bag acclaim for his mission.

The movie portrays the corruption and inefficiency in the Nigerian authorities that makes it not easy for fogeys to bag things executed.

The film is a unheard of technique to note the challenges faced by the Nigerian authorities and the scheme these challenges affect the lives of celebrated Nigerians.

Saworoide by Tunde Kelani

Saworoide is a conventional Nigerian movie directed by Tunde Kelani. The movie tells the memoir of a small town called Jogbo, which is in dire need of a chief who can bring advise and growth to the neighborhood.

The town’s elders resolve to address a outmoded ceremony to nominate a brand new king, and the technique attracts a host of ambitious and unscrupulous candidates who will end at nothing to score the throne.

The movie is a masterful mix of drama, comedy, and social commentary, and it is broadly thought about among the glorious African movies ever made.

One of potentially the most hanging aspects of Saworoide is its use of outmoded Yoruba tradition and symbolism. The movie also explores themes such as corruption, greed, and the conflict between tradition and modernity.

Badamasi movie by Obi Emelonye

Badamasi is a biopic on Ibrahim Babaginda, ancient Nigerian head of enlighten.

The movie is a political thriller that explores themes of energy, corruption, and the fight for democracy. It’s a sturdy commentary on the turbulent political landscape of Nigeria and the African continent as a total.

Jagaban: Last Man Standing by Seun Oloketuyi

Jagaban: Last Man Standing is a biopic on Nigeria’s president-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The movie, which is scheduled to premiere in Would possibly maybe perhaps also fair 2023, captures the lifestyles and time of Tinubu from how he rose from being the Lagos governor to the president-elect.

It also highlights his academic controversies (Chicago), native authorities concerns, and the Rasji Fashola debacle.

“King of biopic”: Adedimeji Lateef acts as Tinubu in new movie

Earlier, reported that Neatly-liked Nigerian actor, Lateef Adedimeji, caused a buzz on social media after revealing that he performed the function of Tinubu in the about-to-premiere movie.

On his official Instagram web voice, the famed film basic particular person shared a trailer for the upcoming movie titled Jagaban: Last Man Standing.

The movie snippet captured several moments of the film basic particular person being in persona as the baby-kisser and even rocking his signature cap with the infinity label.


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