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International Men’s Day: Imoh Umoren Talks Depression, Mental Wellness & Living A Day At A Time

 International Men’s Day: Imoh Umoren Talks Depression, Mental Wellness & Living A Day At A Time

Each and each 365 days, Worldwide Men’s Day is renowned spherical the enviornment to honour men for their contributions to society, families, and communities worldwide. This 365 days’s theme, “Zero Male Suicide” highlights the importance of helping men and boys region up their psychological health, and also nudges society to invent better consciousness about psychological health and show give a boost to for men who’re going by means of various psychological health complications.

Men are in overall confronted with societal expectations that emphasise the need for energy, resilience, and a stoic system in the face of existence’s challenges. This discourages them from opening up about their challenges, expressing feelings and even inquiring for support. Not Imoh Umoren!

For years, Imoh, a filmmaker, director and all individuals’s popular cousin on Twitter, has been starting up about his struggles with despair and the efforts he’s been making to attain psychological wellness. On this snappy conversation with Imoh Umoren as of late, he’s breaking the silence surrounding psychological challenges and urging men who’re residing with despair to keep up a correspondence up, share their struggles, and rob existence one day at a time.

Whats up Imoh, Satisfied Worldwide Men’s Day to you! How are you doing as of late?

Whats up BellaNaija. I’m doing rather correctly.

Satisfied to listen to that! You’ve been very vocal about despair and psychological health on social media. Give us a locate into your psychological health trot  

I deem losing my fogeys in my childhood undoubtedly transformed my complete existence and nothing has helped so some distance. So I correct resigned to residing with it because I beget approach to get that pleasure and bother are residing facet by facet. So I am cherish Seal, I wear my scars. I realised early that owning your danger provides it much less energy over you. It has been one prolonged battle but I beget gotten to a space the effect I beget a type out on it. I deem also being divorced and being some distance from my exiguous one also added to my despair. For a entire lot of of my existence, I’ve consistently wanted to be a dad and I deem this desperation precipitated me to originate a pair of mistakes in my relationship. Making soar at any semblance of care for and affection has made me area to multiple abuses and has also precipitated me to assuredly act desperately in affirming a peace that I beget simplest imagined in my head.

Sounds rough. It’s rather anxious to be expressive about psychological struggles, in particular for men and public figures. Why did you make a selection to be this starting up about it?

deal of celebrities kill themselves in the end as a result of the shame of their emotional fight. Somewhat a entire lot of them resort to remedy and alcohol and assuredly, what we see as outrageous partying is of us no longer willing to confront themselves. For me, I beget been starting up about my fight with despair because one in all the ways to triumph over the darkness is to demystify it. Devour, each person see, there’s nothing to be skittish of.

I had a truly anxious monetary 365 days and I could perchance presumably per chance per chance feel the shame creeping in. I owned it because I realised existence is a trot stuffed with americaand downs. Men must label that admitting to being unlucky does no longer originate you any much less a man. That is our project as men; death in silence. But I desire to show men that admitting to a fight doesn’t mean you are no longer getting over it. It’s the identical draw I abominate when some of my workers suppose “I am stable” because they are unable to approach support to work. No, you are no longer feeling correctly and it’s good enough. You are human.

Has being vocal had any definite or antagonistic impact for your private and professional trot?

Oh, it’s largely been definite because I web loads of messages from of us which may perchance presumably per chance per chance be impressed by the truth that I am no longer ashamed to admit when I am struggling. On the opposite hand, I beget had an ex who as soon as talked about she modified into embarrassed because I posted I modified into suicidal one time when my existence modified into falling apart.

You’ve also shared the draw you regained psychological wellness with us your cousins on Twitter. How did you web support?

This 365 days, I had an accident that derailed my entire 365 days. I hit two ladies folks, damaged a transformer, totaled my automobile and one more automobile, and got into debt. I believed one in all the 2 ladies folks modified into going to die and he or she wanted multiple surgeries. I also needed to repair the auto I damaged, aquire a singular transformer I damaged, and so many different issues. The domino enact modified into big and I modified into resigned to ending my existence but all my cousins rallied spherical me and upheld me. I went to remedy. I modified into definite to push by means of and provides it one more day. I modified into deliberate in doing issues that improved my psychological health and, fortuitously, my industry rallied and we are support.

“Majority of the reported cases were male (80.6%), married (51.8%), college students (33.6%), residing in a semi-urban utter (40.3%) and amongst the age neighborhood of 25–34 (25.3%). Hanging (Forty eight.6%) and poisoning (32.2%) were doubtlessly the most often reported programs of suicide.”

– A report on suicide in Nigeria  between January 2010 and December 2019

“No fewer than Seventy nine persons beget dedicated suicide in Nigeria in 2022. Findings reviewed by our correspondent confirmed that the Seventy nine persons comprised 70 males and 9 females in some unspecified time in the future of the interval. The resolve does no longer encompass the series of cases of suicide that beget no longer been reported in the media.”

– PUNCH Newspaper

This 365 days’s theme for Worldwide Men’s Day is “Zero Male Suicide,” and multiple experiences show that male suicide charges are higher in Nigeria. What support are you able to indicate to of us struggling from despair or psychological health challenges, per what worked for you?

The main ingredient is shame. Shame is the first driver of suicide in men.

I desire men to realise that that unfriendly disaster is no longer the cease of the enviornment. Don’t see at your entire image, this can even crush you. As corny because it sounds, rob it a day at a time. Grab every day in isolation. Create all it’s doubtless you’ll presumably per chance per chance presumably also to live to narrate the tale that day after which the next after which the next, and that dark cloud will pass away. Indulge in your scars. If you’re in debt, don’t urge and cover. Admit it and originate plans for restitution. If it’s doubtless you’ll presumably per chance per chance presumably also beget gotten an dependancy, glance support and also you are going to be shocked what number of contributors beget battled same scenarios as you.

One message it’s doubtless you’ll presumably per chance per chance presumably also beget gotten for men thinking of ending it all?

Give it one more day.


Many thanks to Imoh Umoren for having this conversation with us. We hope this helps every man available going by means of despair and psychological challenges. This may perchance perchance be an encouragement so that you just can keep up a correspondence up, share your fears and glance support.

Satisfied Worldwide Men’s Day

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