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“I will fight for you all my life”

 “I will fight for you all my life”

Femi Fani Kayode’s ex-accomplice Precious Chikwendu, an ex- magnificence queen, has sent an affectionate letter to their triplets in occasion of their birthdays right this moment time.

Precious Chikwendu wrote an lengthy section on her Instagram internet page about how having childhood causes one to cease pondering about themselves utterly.

She persisted by asserting that for one’s childhood, one can flow across oceans and conquer mountains.

Precious assured her childhood that she makes them her precedence daily and will stand by them and fight for them her entire lifestyles.

It historic to be about how she feels or is considered sooner than they had been born, but now it’s all about them.

The ex-magnificence queen expressed pleasure in grooming them which she claims presents her pleasure and smiles.

“A thankful day!
Figuring that after one decides to occupy young of us, it’s a long way no longer any longer about them utterly. A indispensable section of you is devoted to the tiny ones and for them you might atrocious oceans and climb mountains factual to secure it staunch. My darling Ragnar, Adien, and Liam, I determine you daily and will fight for and beside you all my lifestyles.

It historic to be about how I feel or how I am perceived but now it’s a long way all about you, you, and gargantuan brother Aragon. I determine you all one million times and more. Grooming you all presents me pleasure, your smiles are my reset button. I am so jealous of the indisputable truth that at some level I would be forced to fragment your sweetness with the sphere reason you all scent of greatness and admire. My Honey boys, I need you to read this in 10 years and smile vivid your mama put out her expectations of you to the universe and likewise you never upset her.


You’re the kind of blessing, two fathers in one hence we call you Nnayi (our father). Your peculiar smiles soften any stony coronary heart with out anguish, and your winks, so charming. Most of all I relish the strategy in which you provide protection to all of them such as you had been born for it. Nobody goes to them moreover thru you and likewise it’s doubtless you’ll doubtless well be ready to face up to somebody making your brothers sad. You’re our warrior and my Liver. You already know I need my lifestyles to goal


Wonder man, fiery and sweet it’s doubtless you’ll doubtless well be. Your phrases are deep and soothing. Your coronary heart so kind and loving. Your dedication to one person at a time is a self-discipline I peaceable look. You’re loved and cherished my staunch and left kidney.


My pleasure giver, the strategy in which you pierce my soul alongside with your taking a ogle glances every time you hear my say melts me. The model you activate the mom in me with out anguish. My final born till you say in another case, twin of my coronary heart. You already know if I’m going on I would give so extra special away. You’re loved center of my coronary heart. But again I ask God to peep and abet you in his light, to augment my bones and sharpen my details to test the process of elevating warriors of valor and honor. His mercies forever be ample and Would possibly perchance he fulfill each promise and note made to you all. I such as you all relish phrases can never describe. Entirely contented birthday to US”.

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