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I Watched All 22 Hours and 56 Minutes of Fast and Furious Movies To Bring You This Ranking

 I Watched All 22 Hours and 56 Minutes of Fast and Furious Movies To Bring You This Ranking

11. The Fate of the Indignant (2017)

fate of the angry quick and angry movies ranked

In model

The most predominant movie after Paul Walker’s loss of life/personality retirement doesn’t in actuality work. Total credit ranking to the sequence for reeling in a expert A-list megastar Oscar-a hit skills in Charlize Theron to play the movie’s villain (and a nice hearty ‘WTF’ to whoever made up our minds she might well well silent set on dreadlocks in her hair). But the movie has a quantity of leisurely patches.

It also begins the awkward technique of converting Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw (the Indignant 7 villain) into a beautiful man; we are in a position to now not fail to bear in mind that he actually killed Han, and moments later blew up Dom (Vin Diesel)’s home. But The Fate of the Indignant finds him trusted sufficient to maintain Dom’s small one in one hand and combat off snide guys with the diversified. It doesn’t manufacture powerful sense. Don’t contemplate about it too powerful. Honest stare motion and quick autos.

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10. 2 Mercurial 2 Indignant (2003)

2 quick 2 angry quick and angry movies ranked

In model

Study, of us… 2 Mercurial 2 Indignant? Or now not it is purchased an impeccable title. Or now not it is purchased Tyrese and Ludacris within the franchise for the foremost time (reasonably than the absent Vin Diesel—and develop now not you anguish, he’ll be abet). Or now not it is purchased Cole Hauser (handiest known now as Rip in Yellowstone) as an Argentinian drug lord. Brian (Paul Walker) is now not a cop in this one, but he’s silent doing cop work.

However, Tyrese and Paul Walker launch their automobile onto a boat, and shoot any individual out of a entrance seat of a automobile and yowl “EJECTO SEATO, CUZ!,” which is an iconic moment in cinema history. Can’t whinge too powerful.

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9. The Mercurial & Indignant: Tokyo Waft (2006)

quick and angry tokyo lunge alongside with the waft han movies ranked

In model

I’m very sorry to be the one to relay this information, but Tokyo Waft is basically snide. It has some chilly racing scenes evidently—drifting thru the streets of Tokyo (howdy, that is the name of the movie!) is inherently chilly. But neither Vin Diesel nor Paul Walker megastar, and the movie’s replacement protagonist, Sean Boswell (Lucas Sunless) is a total dud. He is immensely tiring. Bow Wow is also right here doing something.

Nonetheless, the movie has a moment of redemption—it introduces Han (Sung Kang), who supreme would be one of the necessary attention-grabbing personality within the full sequence. It also makes a horrific mistake, and kills Han (#JusticeForHan).

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8. Mercurial & Indignant (2009)

Mercurial & Indignant movies ranked

In model

This movie gets credit ranking for being the ‘refined reboot’ of the franchise, and turned into once the foremost I saw that didn’t seem incredibly dated. One day of stir scenes, Mercurial & Indignant as a minimum had an proper movie receive playing in attach of a random sequence of completely forgotten early-2000s rap/rock.

Letty dies early in this movie, which is a damn tragedy (stay tuned). Brian is also inexplicably within the FBI, working the Toretto case. That is mindless the least bit, as he turned into once previously caught for being enthusiastic with Toretto and letting him lunge and being in total scandalous. And by the stop of the movie… smartly… you obtained’t factor in what happens.

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7. F9: The Mercurial Saga

vin diesel, john cena, quick 9

Giles Keyte/In model Photos

Enact we be proper? Let’s be proper. This movie is absolute nonsense. There is incredibly, small or no about F9: The Mercurial Saga that makes a lick of sense. There is mostly zero motive on the abet of a movie this silly to be so subtle.

But bet what—the motion is fun, John Cena and Helen Mirren join the already unimaginable solid, and Tyrese’s personality, Roman, practically by some ability figures out that he’s a personality in a sequence of tainted motion movies. And he and Ludacris lunge to home. At this point, we all know what we’re in for. And F9 delivers it.

And that complete #JusticeForHan thing? Yeah, that gets resolved right here. We obtained’t express from now on.

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6. Mercurial X

jason momoa, dante, quick x

In model

Allow us to express it all over again: this movie is absolute, converse nonsense. There are such a huge amount of scenes, so many picks, so many extensive sequences and attach twists and story wrinkles that simply manufacture no sense. Why, at one point, when Cipher (Charlize Theron) and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) are imprisoned, is Cipher in a attach to press a pair buttons on a contact mask alongside with her (restrained) hand and suddenly ship poison fuel as much as her captors? Why would the kind of operate exist?

But that’s kind of the model you ought to stare Mercurial X. Even if Vin Diesel himself clearly thinks he’s making one of the necessary extreme dramatic film of all time (he himself has in contrast it to the work of JRR Tolkien), you honest need to embody these movies because the camp nonsense that they’re—after which you’re going to gain a mighty time. One individual that purchased that memo is Jason Momoa, who performs the film’s villain—an unhinged, animated maniac named Dante Reyes—and becomes one amongst the highlights of the movie. Is Mercurial X lovely? Well, uh, you might well well presumably additionally be the pick of that one. Is it bright? Positive. Positive it is.

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5. The Mercurial and the Indignant (2001)

the quick and the angry movies ranked

In model

The most predominant entry within the sequence is clearly one of the necessary attention-grabbing of the pre-Mercurial Five movies. Yeah, in a quantity of techniques it is so completely dated (in particular, the music), on the opposite hand it be purchased reasonably of coronary heart that in actual fact assist it to kind of, by some ability, in opposition to all odds, maintain up. Fans of the sequence (which, it seems, now entails me) like this movie as powerful as Dom loves Coronas.

Paul Walker’s appearing, rest his soul, is mostly horrible. But it be practically endearingly so. I’ve been quoting this scene (“Dude, I practically had you!”) for years. His reaction is mindless (a running theme in these movies, you might well well presumably also glimpse), on the opposite hand it be also supreme legendary.

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4. Mercurial & Indignant 6 (2013)

quick and angry 6 movies ranked letty luke evans michelle rodriguez

In model

The credits scene of Mercurial Five had an ravishing point out: Letty is alive (develop now not contemplate about it, I promise you it obtained’t manufacture sense). In Mercurial & Indignant 6, we receive a point out that she’s purchased amnesia, and is working as a member of villain Owen Shaw’s (Luke Evans) group.

This movie has a ton of motion, and Shaw 1.0 (who, powerful treasure his on-mask brother, also becomes lovely. Don’t contemplate about it.) is the sequence’ first above-moderate villain. We lose Gal Gadot’s Gisele in this movie, which is a shame because she and Han are the upright First Couple of these movies. Impart them both abet.

Plus, Statham’s introduction within the credits scene truly principles.

3. Hobbs & Shaw (2019)

hobbs and shaw quick and angry movies ranked

In model

Now we’re talking. Jeez, this movie turned into once lovely. Who wants Vin Diesel? (Here’s a joke. Vin Diesel please continue to be Dominic Toretto in Mercurial and Indignant movies for 100 more years). It turned into once clearly angling for more comedy, however the motion sequences gain been jaw-losing (I turned into once critically fond of, oh, you recognize, The Rock pulling a helicopter out of the sky with one bicep).

Positive, it be reasonably awkward that Shaw, who killed Han, is now a beautiful man and it be now not in actuality talked about. But at the same time as you pick to now not contemplate about that (please, as is tradition within the Mercurial/Indignant world, supreme flip your mind off), this movie is mighty. It also helps that following suit from Charlize Theron and Statham himself, the movie has a villain played by a legitimately superior and charismatic actor; Idris Elba as ‘sad Superman’ is so chilly.

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2. Mercurial Five (2011)

quick 5 quick angry movies ranked

In model

I be acutely aware being in highschool when Mercurial Five came out and scoffing at of us attempting to express that it turned into once “truly sick.” (2011 turned into once a unheard of time) 12 years later, and…. I agree.

Mercurial Five turns the sequence from a racing sequence into a heist sequence, and provides The Rock as a fugitive hunter/group member and it works INCREDIBLY. Bringing abet the all-megastar solid from the flicks up to now turned into once mighty, and it also allowed for more Han, who, again, is a myth and desires to be featured more. The Rock and Vin Diesel truly combat in this movie and Vin Diesel wins by some ability (develop now not contemplate about it).

The Rock also talks with a irregular accent for a fraction of the time, which he abandons in future movies. It’s miles yet one other in actuality thrilling thread of Mercurial Five.

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1. Indignant 7 (2015)

vin diesel paul walker angry 7 movies ranked

In model

This movie has a devastating and in actuality affecting ending (Paul Walker had filmed about half of his role in this movie on the time of his 2013 loss of life; the movie ends with a touching tribute to him), on the opposite hand it be also purchased one of the necessary attention-grabbing motion sequences within the sequence. Statham as Deckard Shaw is silent one of the necessary attention-grabbing villain the sequence has made, a lone, rogue, sad ops stare who pits of us in opposition to one one other with ease. His introduction scene, tearing thru a clinic for the duration of the movie’s opening credits, is immaculate. It also provides Kurt Russell as stare leader Mr. No one, who principles, and Sport of Thrones’ Nathalie Emanuel as a hacker named Ramsey.

Things that also happen in this movie: Vin Diesel flies his automobile thru a helicopter and plant life a derive stout of grenades on it. The Rock, getting better in a clinic bed, seems out the window and says to his daughter “Daddy’s purchased to head to work,” before flexing out of a stout-arm solid (please, please, I beg of you, develop now not contemplate about it.), using an ambulance down to the motion, shooting a drone and firing a turret treasure a madman.

It can well also supreme be one of the necessary attention-grabbing scene within the history of movies.

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