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HOPe Care Services and Mega Energy Seek $45 Million Investment for Solar Kits Project in Zambia

 HOPe Care Services and Mega Energy Seek $45 Million Investment for Solar Kits Project in Zambia

Mega Energy Zambia: Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) Residential Hybrid Solar Kits for Zambians with Structured Salaries.

Authors: Francis John (HOPe Care Services USA) and Freud Musanu (Mega Energy Zambia Limited)

Date: September 16, 2023

Location: Lusaka

Zambia Diaspora Chamber of Commerce (ZDCC) has been Invited to Facilitate Investment Opportunities

In a promising collaboration, HOPe Care Services and Mega Energy are actively seeking an investment of $45 million for the first phase of their innovative project. The initiative aims to provide 5,000 Vetted Zambians with 5kW hybrid residential Solar Kits, marking a significant step toward sustainable energy solutions in the region. This venture presents a compelling opportunity for short- or long-term return on investment (ROI), boasting an attractive internal rate of return (IRR) of 15.03%.

Project Overview

The joint project between HOPe Care Services and Mega Energy is poised to transform lives in Zambia by providing accessible and clean energy solutions to thousands of households. The installation of 5kW hybrid residential Solar Kits (Wi-Fi) enabled with battery stackable features will not only enhance the quality of life for beneficiaries but also contribute to environmental sustainability.

Invitation to Potential Investors

The Zambia Diaspora Chamber of Commerce (ZDCC) has been invited to collaborate in the search for potential investors, individuals and Crowdfunder’s who share our vision for a brighter and more sustainable Zambia. This project offers a unique investment opportunity, providing competitive financial returns while making a positive impact on communities and the environment.

Transparency and Feasibility

Our commitment to transparency is unwavering. We have completed a comprehensive feasibility study, including a teaser, technical report, financial report, and a proposed funding disbursement schedule. All these documents will be made available to interested parties upon signing the Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure (NCND) agreement.

Creating Opportunities and Promoting Fair Wages

This project is expected to generate approximately 900 employment opportunities, with a strong emphasis on paying prevailing wages. Our commitment to the local workforce underscores our dedication to creating sustainable economic benefits for the communities we serve.

Join Us in Making a Difference

HOPe Care Services and Mega Energy invite potential investors, including EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) partners, to explore this compelling investment opportunity. Together, we can drive positive change, promote sustainable energy access, and contribute to the economic development of Zambia.

For inquiries and to express your interest, please contact:

Media Contacts:

Francis John
HOPe Care Services USA

Freud Musanu
Mega Energy Zambia Limited

About HOPe Care Services:

HOPe Care Services is a USA-based organization dedicated to sustainable development and social impact initiatives. Learn more at

About Mega Energy Zambia Limited:

Mega Energy Zambia Limited is a leading renewable energy company committed to providing clean energy solutions in Zambia.

About Zambia Diaspora Chamber of Commerce (ZDCC):

ZDCC is a key player in connecting Zambian businesses and investment opportunities with the diaspora community and international partners.

Invest in a brighter future for Zambia and seize this unique opportunity for meaningful ROI and impact.

Note: This press release is intended for informational purposes and may be distributed by HOPe Care Services and Mega Energy as part of their collaborative efforts to attract potential investors.

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