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“Have a conversation with him and thank him for all he has done” – Businessman Wale Jana advises Queen on how to handle her baby daddy, Lord Lamba

 “Have a conversation with him and thank him for all he has done” – Businessman Wale Jana advises Queen on how to handle her baby daddy, Lord Lamba

Nigerian businessman Wale Jana has reacted to the drama between BBNaija principal particular person Queen and her cramped one daddy, Lord Lamba, following her engagement to 1 other man.

This could be recalled that Queen no longer too long ago announced her engagement to a UK-basically based mostly mostly biomedical scientist named King David. Following this announcement, Lord Lamba got right here forward to level to that he’s the daddy of Queen’s one-year-veteran daughter.

Wale Jana advises

He also initiated appropriate courtroom cases for custody of the cramped one, expressing his refusal to possess Queen relocate to the UK with their cramped one and be cared for by her husband-to-be. On the other hand, Queen is but to publicly react to the courtroom documents.

Talking on this, Wale Jana told single moms deal with Queen on how excellent to address their cramped one daddies as soon as they are looking out to gain married to 1 other man.

Wale Jana advises

He emphasised the importance of respect and entreated them to possess a conversation with their cramped one’s father, appreciating him for all he has finished, as this could well lead to a tranquil choice and allow them to possess custody of the cramped one.

He also entreated the previous Huge Brother Naija principal particular person to focus on with Lord Lamba sooner than the matter escalates further.

Wale Jana advises

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“Yesterday I came all over this titillating memoir online a couple of lady known as Queen who got engaged and her ex known as Lamba whom she had a cramped one for made up our minds to sue her. So I began to accomplish a cramped analysis per the details I could well secure.

I came all over out that Queen dated the fellow who engaged her in 2016 and then it appeared deal with the fellow moved foreign so she likely moved on and came all over this other guy known as Lamba who got her pregnant but it in actual fact sounds as if Lamba wanted to protect things off social media so he by no methodology posted that that they had a cramped one or the connection was as soon as no longer a predominant one. Whichever methodology he wanted to protect things coded.

In step with the courtroom documents he mentioned Queen denied him access to his cramped one even supposing he had been guilty for the cramped one’s upkeep and he’s suing because she’s making an try to take his cramped one foreign without his permission.

This is my belief; it looks deal with Lamba was as soon as no longer overjoyed Queen got pregnant, it looks deal with the being pregnant wasn’t deliberate so thanks to that he made up our minds to protect things under wraps, this could well possess injure Queen’s emotions and he or she moved on to her ex who composed wanted a relationship however the methodology it looks she went about it’s a long way what is causing the disorders. Lamba alleged that she didn’t give him access to his cramped one and so thanks to that he’ll frustrate her circulate to the UK.

Females must always be taught one thing; males don’t accomplish successfully with disrespect! If a man has been guilty for his cramped one and you’d also very successfully be making an try to transfer on to 1 other nation with that very same cramped one, possess a conversation with him and thank him for all he has finished, he won’t stand to your methodology! Every man knows that it’s a long way great for a kid to stay with the mom! Lamba is obviously no longer attracted to a relationship with Queen but he feels disrespected by the methodology she’s moving without acknowledging him as the daddy of a kid he claims he has been guilty for. For folk that know Queen repeat her to ascertain with Lamba and all will likely be resolved.”

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