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Femi: The man who loves Buhari

 Femi: The man who loves Buhari

By Samuel Boaten

Femi, in Yoruba language of Western Nigeria, literally technique like me. And there might perchance be one man who has lived out his name in the carrier of 1 other.

Femi Adesina, a neatly-identified Nigerian journalist and media persona, has been working with Buhari since he was as soon as first elected as Nigeria’s chief in 2015.

Born in Osun suppose, he worked as a journalist for several years sooner than he was as soon as appointed as the Editor-In-Chief of The Solar newspaper. It was as soon as right through his time at The Solar Newspaper that I began to learn him. My dad (of blessed memory) loved newspapers and fell in like with the free flowing and enticing writing kind of Femi Adesina that he launched me to The Solar Newspaper. Virtually every Friday, my dad and I’d learn the serve page of Friday Solar newspaper. Over time, I began to send my reactions and contributions to the ‘kulikuli column’.

And surprisingly, practically all my reactions were printed in subsequent editions.

Adesina’s job involves managing the President’s picture, communicating his policies and achievements to the general public, and serving as the spokesperson for the President. In promoting the president’s picture, he had a most refined job at hand and president Buhari couldn’t like chosen a greater man. Femi Adesina has proven to be a man that can protect discontinuance a gun for the president. He attracted chums and enemies alike to himself thanks to his job.

Issues I like about him include his desirable heartedness and components of spicing up his writings with scriptures. I have not met the SA nonetheless at a time I important abet, he got right here through for me. He continuously, continuously replies my messages and picks my calls when not busy. He reaches out to me when he would not hear from me for some time seriously right through festive intervals.

All the scheme through his tenure as the President’s spokesman, Adesina has been both praised and criticized by Nigerians. Supporters of the President hail him as a right and competent aide who has helped to toughen Buhari’s picture and showcase his achievements. Critics, on the many hand, fault him for being too partial and defensive, and for failing to acknowledge the President’s shortcomings. He calls them wailing wailers. I had suggested to him one time that he might perchance perchance level-headed resign. Nigerians expected more from him and his boss.

Nevertheless, he believed his boss intended neatly for the nation and he would continue to lend a hand his boss to the only of his ability.

The holy guide says like covers a big selection of sins. The SA loves his boss. He admits that the president, like every numerous human, has his short comings nonetheless he chooses to enlarge the ethical deeds of his boss.

Regardless of criticisms, Adesina has remained dedicated to his job and his loyalty to President Buhari stays unquestionable. He has been constant in his protection of the President, typically taking to social media, radio and TV capabilities to dispel rumors and misinformation about Buhari’s administration. In an interview with The Guardian, he as soon as described the President as “a man who is agency in his convictions, a man of basic ethical energy, and a man who has a clear vision for Nigeria”. Adesina’s loyalty and dedication to President Buhari has earned him the honour and admiration of many Nigerians. He’s seen as a relied on aide who has the President’s only interests at coronary heart, and who is devoted to representing him and his administration in the only which that it’s doubtless you’ll imagine gentle.

As the curtains drop on this most in model administration, President Buhari can protect discontinuance a ethical, lengthy mediate at his SA on media and publicity and pronounce ‘ neatly accomplished, thou ethical and faithful servant ‘.

And we might perchance perchance continuously consider that there was as soon as a Femi who truly loved Buhari.

-Samuel Boaten writes this tribute to Femi Adesina, SA to President Buhari on Media and Publicity from Kumasi, Ghana.

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