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Elizabeth Adedeji Gives Us a Glimpse into the Business of Crocheting in This Episode of Doing Life With…

 Elizabeth Adedeji Gives Us a Glimpse into the Business of Crocheting in This Episode of Doing Life With…

Doing Life With… is a BellaNaija Ingredients series that showcases how folks are dwelling, working, travelling, journalling, taking excellent care of their families and… every thing in between. We are documenting the lives of all folks and guaranteeing each person is well-represented at BN through storytelling.

Final week, we had a dialog with Chibueze Damian. Did you dash over it? Be taught it right here.

Elizabeth Adedeji is the founder of 21 Wool Twin carriageway, and on the present time, she tells us all about her like for art and the industry of crocheting. Dig in!

Hi there Elizabeth, characterize the style you’re feeling ravishing now in 3 words

Tired, happy and… I will’t imagine a 3rd. I’m currently observing an customary Yoruba Nollywood film with Omotola Jalade in it and I love the Iro and Buba style she’s serving. Also concerned on the chocolate cake I’m about to make after this interview.

Yasss to a Saturday chocolate cake! Give us a stumble on into your background  

I spent a extensive chunk of my time in art class again in predominant and secondary college. I had my first art exhibition after I turned into 10 years customary. My grandfather from my dad’s side and my grandma from my mum’s side had been tailors. I take into accout my grandpa historic to make garments for my siblings and me rising up and we had this customary Singer machine at home. I always desired to uncover guidelines on how to stitch but never did. With the exception of doodling style appears to be like to be on my sketchbooks, I historic to like playing faux style presentations with my sisters. I prefer to inform bits and objects of my like for art and creativity led me down the path of favor.

Sharp. Why crocheting?

One day, I seen anyone in church crocheting and I grew to become fascinated. Treasure, how make you lift a ball of memoir and invent something spirited out of it? I began to learn and without prolong fell in like with the procedure and patterns. I furthermore liked proudly owning stashes of memoir colours so my mum always bought me packs of memoir every other weekend when she went to Lagos market. Optimistic, I turned into hoarding memoir, haha.

You’ll gain me crocheting in every single do apart – in college, one day of breaks, on vacation etc. I spent the most allotment of my teenage years crocheting, alternatively it wasn’t unless I got into university that I began to observe it as one more to make some money. Wait on then, crocheting wasn’t the full rave yet in Nigeria but I made a crochet high for a pal and earlier than I knew it, I turned into creating for pals, and family and even getting referrals. I figured since I love doing it and there’s a marketplace for it, it’s price giving it a shot.

And that, BellaNaijarians, is how 21 Wool Twin carriageway turned into born

Hahaha, certainly.

Protest us about this creep 

To be factual, it has been mountainous with tons of classes to learn. Being an entrepreneur in Nigeria is rarely any longer easy, particularly as a crochet price. Customarily I lose out on customized orders when it’s no longer doable to satisfy up with a truly tight supply time. It peaceful occurs but now that I work with a crew of crocheters, it’s been more straightforward to retain watch over expectations. Needless to notify, we furthermore need to handle inflation, Naira devaluation and the varied other things that plague Nigeria’s economy.

I started off making crochet wear but I’ve long past ahead so that you just can add shoes and tools like earrings and bags to our product fluctuate. Experimenting and making an try out fresh things helps me pick out what customers gravitate to and guidelines on how to carry the emblem going. We got tons of consideration when we launched our Jadesola win, it grew to become that assertion piece for influencers, the rage ladies and all people who loves a ravishing purse. We’ve equipped hundreds of objects to females inside and outside of doors Nigeria and it’s always thrilling to observe folks style them.

Up to now, we’ve had two brides wear our crochet designs for their marriage ceremony day and that offers me so primary joy.

Is there any invent that makes you dash “rattling, I did that!”

Crocheting my first marriage ceremony dress tops my “rattling, I did that” moments. It turned into mind-blowing for tons of causes – the true fact that I turned into making it for my sister who wasn’t within the country for the time being, so we solely had one fitting for the dress per week earlier than the bridal ceremony and it fit completely!

It took about two months to make the dress and I’m talking about making a mood board, picking out the colour, sew preference, sketching and ravishing bringing her dream dress to existence. It has had two viral moments on social media and folks did no longer end talking about it for days.

21 Wool Twin carriageway Bridal Search

Awwwn. Absorb you had any wow moments or predominant highlights one day of your industry?

Optimistic! A extensive selection of wow moments, particularly within the past couple of months. 2022 turned into after I made up my mind I turned into going to rob every change that I could perhaps well gain and additionally they ravishing saved exhibiting up, and so did I. In June 2022, I turned into selected as a finalist (2nd runner-up) for Topship’s retail and invent grant. Final 365 days in December, we in terms of equipped out all our objects one day of our first pop-up at Homegrown at ALARA and it turned into a reasonably mountainous feeling.

In March 2023, I turned into selected as a beneficiary of the SEED Ambition grant. Then, I had my first (international) style portray in February, it turned into a Crochet Vogue Week portray in Atlanta, The usa; a fresh collaboration with TOMS on their begin in Nigeria. The complete lot turned into such a dream reach correct.

That’s extensive! Congratulations, Elizabeth

Thank you!

Let’s talk in regards to the procedure of crocheting. What are the step-by-step stages in making a invent? How long does it lift to total?

There are two things at play right here. If I’m engaged on a customized impart, then I on the full begin by having a call or chat with the buyer to focus on their style preference and any input they’ve for the invent earlier than I secure into it. If I’m engaged on a series or mission, I begin by letting myself secure impressed. That will very well be me doing some learn, or paying consideration to my atmosphere, whether or no longer it’s nature or art.

There are tons of things to take observe of by manner of crochet; the sample, stitches, gauge, colour and memoir preference. I prefer to invent a mood board which has every thing I need to info me through the invent process and invent my sketches. After I even own my invent, I invent samples of the sample, impart the memoir I’ll be the utilization of, and secure other materials like materials, zips, buttons, etc.

As soon as all that is sorted, I begin engaged on the invent which can lift days and even weeks. Customarily I discontinuance up starting a part from scratch or casting off just a few rows if I’ve made a mistake I will’t salvage, which occurs loads. The time interval for it in crochet lingo is frogging.

Weaving within the extra threads of memoir once a mission is achieved is one thing every crocheter dreads, along with me. This allotment could perhaps well lift hours alternatively it’s so crucial because of you don’t need the invent to loosen after just a few wears.

Two things the enviornment must know in regards to the industry of crocheting?

A extensive selection of folks peaceful underrate crocheting because of it’s considered as ravishing a curiosity but there are big opportunities to monetise this skill. There are such tons of suggestions to turn crocheting into a industry beyond the rage industry, whether or no longer as an art secure, or inside decor, the potentialities are never-ending. It is possible you’ll perhaps well be ready to promote an intensive info of your designs or patterns as a PDF for folks to DIY. 

This 365 days, I started working crochet workshops and actions for novices who’re looking to learn or sing it as a relaxing bonding sing with pals and family, so that’s a further supply of income for the emblem.

Crocheters are furthermore the utilization of platforms like YouTube to make money by creating tutorials. Passive income is wanted, guys. 

What’s a same outdated day on your existence like?

I’m up by 6 a.m., I even own my private devotion, and skip every morning by 7 a.m. Then I feed my canines, put together for my day and make a psychological conceal of crucial duties to make. I don’t always own my routine on lock, so other days, I ravishing hover it particularly when tons of things secure within the style or I even need to dash out.

From 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., I apply up or verify for impart requests within the DMs, pack up deliveries for the rider to reach again assemble, attend to my emails and verify on my crew to secure growth reviews on any orders we’re engaged on. If I feel like having breakfast, I cook dinner something up by 10 am or it on the full finally ends up as brunch.

By 1 p.m., I put out the post for the day on IG, update my weekly reveal material calendar belief or own in mind any fresh solutions I could perhaps need when it comes to reveal material or designs from scrolling through social media. Between 2 pm to 5 pm, I work on orders – watch a film or eavesdrop on a podcast or song whereas I crochet.

Anytime between 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. is time for dinner. I started journaling this 365 days so I are attempting to doc how my day went and how I’m feeling. Then I lift a 1-2 hours nap or doom scroll the win. I love working at evening, particularly on days after I’m engaged on a gigantic mission or impart, so I’m up crocheting from 10 pm to 1 am or 3 am. It’s no longer wholesome alternatively it has to be achieved.

21 Wool Twin carriageway’s Lisa Feather Costume

What are the diminutive things on your day to day existence that secure you inflamed 

Getting randomly cheered on by my pals, family or customers. I light up when friends or random folks send me a “seen moment” when they observe anyone wearing a part from the emblem, particularly the Jadesola win, or when anyone tells me they’re keen on my work.

Also, playing with my canines, phone calls with my sisters, catching up with pals after weeks of no longer seeing each and each other, discovering fresh song, self-care Saturdays, moments after I you can own to positively breathe, observe up and admire the clouds, a excellent making an try sunset and nature in basic.

Elizabeth in a single sentence?

…is a inventive who loves the comfort of her bed yet manages to always secure things achieved.

Haha, a ultimate bio! Thank you for being a allotment of Doing Life With…

Thank you, BellaNaija, for having me. I enjoyed answering the questions.


Many thanks to Elizabeth for having this dialog with us. Attain you want this reveal material, own any suggestions for us, are looking to be a BellaNaija Ingredients contributor or are looking to be featured on Doing Life With…? We’d prefer to hear from you. Shoot us an email: [email protected]

Be half of us on Saturday for the next episode!

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