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Does Your Pubic Hair Grow Back Faster Than Other Hair? Experts Explain.

 Does Your Pubic Hair Grow Back Faster Than Other Hair? Experts Explain.

IF YOU REGULARLY tidy, shave, or wax your pubic hair, that you just may well also ranking observed a attention-grabbing phenomenon: It appears to grow support so rapidly. It may well most likely presumably perchance perchance and not using a doubt feel corresponding to you’re continuously keeping up along with your manscaping. But does it and not using a doubt grow support faster than other hair?

“Pubic hair grows at about the identical fee because the hair on the head,” says Chris Bustamante, D.N.P., N.P-C, a wonderful nurse practitioner and founding father of Lushful Aesthetics in Unusual York City.

The system you pick to eradicate your pubes can ranking an impact on how they grow support—and how essential you survey it growing support—which may presumably perchance perchance give the impact that it’s growing support faster, he adds. The thicker, coarser nature of the hair may presumably perchance perchance trigger ingrown hairs and irritation within the occasion you shave, while trimming, waxing, and lasers may presumably perchance perchance result in less irritation.

Whereas you’re inclined to acne or ranking extra-curly hair, that you just may well survey more razor bumps and ingrown hairs than others, adds Amy Huang, M.D., a board-licensed dermatologist at Scientific Offices of Long island and a contributor to LabFinder. “This would presumably perchance perchance also result in painful boils within the verbalize.”

Level-headed, grooming pubic hair is fully protected for men, she says. It’s also typical. Bigger than 50 percent of men picture continuously grooming their pubes, research exhibits.

“Right here’s strictly a decision revolving around exquisite needs,” Bustamante says. “There’s no medical motive to groom your pubes, as lengthy as correct hygiene is being practiced. So men must pursue pube grooming to suit the wants of their exquisite.”

The hair-elimination methodology you contain may presumably perchance perchance also ranking an impact on the perceived lunge of regrowth, on the opposite hand.

What’s completely different about pubic hair?

Pubic hair tends to be thicker than hair on other parts of the physique, Dr. Huang says. Right here’s on fable of it has a thicker cuticle layer, which is the outermost section of the hair that contains plenty of overlapping scales and serves because the protective layer of the hair.

Hair follicles there are also more irregular in form, inflicting the hair growing out of them to be curlier, Bustamante explains.

Does it and not using a doubt grow faster?

It may well most likely presumably perchance perchance appear esteem your pubes grow support at lightning lunge, and also you continuously ranking to shave or wax. But that’s and not using a doubt something of an optical illusion, says Alexes Hazen, M.D., a reconstructive and beauty plastic surgeon at NYU Langone Properly being.

“Other folks that tidy or shave their pubic hair usually judge it grows faster than the leisure of their hair, particularly the hair on their head, but this is no longer the case,” she says. “We simply survey hair mutter most, and the fee of that mutter, the shorter the hair.”

All hair, without reference to its location, follows a cycle: mutter, regression, leisure, and shedding. Phase of the perception that your pubic hair grows essential faster than the hair to your head will most seemingly be because of the mutter cycle it follows.

Pubic hair grows about an eighth of an go per week, but your whole job takes a pair of month, Dr. Huang says. That device the identical pubes that began to grow will shed in a pair of month to a month and a half of.

The hair to your head follows a much more spread-out job, Dr. Hazen says. Genuinely, it is far going to preserve growing for as a lot as six years before it falls out. As a result, the hair to your head grows to essential longer lengths than your pubes can ever reach.

This incompatibility adds to the perception that your pubes seem like on the like a flash song to mutter, Dr. Hazen says. So within the occasion you buzzed your pubes, you survey the regrowth more on fable of there’s simply no longer essential there.

How Totally different Removal Suggestions Impression Hair Regrowth

There are several ways to eradicate or groom your pubic hair, and each may presumably perchance perchance ranking an impact on the fee of regrowth. Right here’s how:


It’s a fable that shaving makes hair grow support quicker and thicker, Bustamante says. Level-headed, it’ll appear to initiate growing in elegant rapidly compared to other hair-elimination suggestions.

On the opposite hand, shaving is more at risk of trigger ingrown hairs and irritation because the hair grows support, he says. That’s very true within the occasion you’re inclined to ingrown hair or ranking sensitive pores and skin, Dr. Huang adds.

Trimming or shaving with an electrical razor can minimize your risk of irritation and ingrown hairs, Bustamante says.


At the same time as you happen to wax, the hair is ripped out of the follicle from below the pores and skin, Bustamante says, and “an entirely original hair bulb needs to form.” This would presumably perchance perchance also appear to extend regrowth because it’s starting from scratch.

“It may well most likely presumably perchance perchance carry out it appear that pubic hair grows slower with waxing,” Dr. Huang says.

Waxing may presumably perchance perchance moreover damage some hair follicles, and some may presumably perchance perchance also no longer regrow, Bustamante says.

Laser hair elimination

Laser hair elimination completely destroys hair follicles, but it and not using a doubt’s no longer necessarily a eternal device to banish your pubes. “Healthy persons are continuously in a position to form original hair follicles,” Bustamante says.

Younger men with elevated testosterone ranges may presumably perchance perchance survey the top doubtless fee of follicle regrowth, he adds. “It’s the norm to ride ongoing hair follicle style till your 40s, the build you in actuality initiate to survey testosterone ranges drop.”

Decrease testosterone can minimize physique hair. But, within the occasion you’re on testosterone replacement therapy, Bustamante says you’ll survey continued hair follicle style.

Customarily, men can survey a pair of 90 percent low cost in pubic hair with laser hair elimination, but will usually want a shuffle-up three to four times a 300 and sixty five days, he explains.

With laser hair elimination, the hair usually grows support finer and lighter in color, Dr. Huang says. Some folks may presumably perchance perchance also by no device survey some or all of their hair follicles regrow.

Other Factors That Impression Hair Regrowth

Moreover the methodology of hair elimination, some medicines can have an effect on mutter rates and hair strength, Dr. Hazen says. For instance, finasteride (usually recognized as Proscar or Propecia) and minoxidil, recognized as Rogaine. Minoxidil can expand blood drift to hair follicles, enabling hair mutter, while finasteride regulates hormones, which may presumably perchance perchance also ranking an impact on hair follicles and trigger hair loss.

Hormones may presumably perchance perchance moreover play a chunk, says Dr. Hazen, particularly androgens esteem testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. Decrease portions of androgens, or concerns with hormone balance, may presumably perchance perchance also trigger some hair loss and is one in all the largest components for male pattern baldness.

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