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Dermatologist explains the red birthmark, hemangioma

 Dermatologist explains the red birthmark, hemangioma

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A hemangioma, moreover identified as a strawberry birthmark, is a vivid pink birthmark that exhibits up within the foremost or 2nd week of life. It appears to be like to be to be like esteem a rubbery bump and is made up of further blood vessels within the pores and skin.

On this Mayo Clinic Minute, Dr. Megha Tollefson, a Mayo Clinic pediatric dermatologist, explains what caregivers must always know if their child has a hemangioma.

Dr. Tollefson says they’re technically tumors, but of us mustn’t let that title or their stark look concern them.

“They’re in truth the most fashioned tumor of infancy, occurring anywhere from one in 20 to one in 50 babies. They are only a assortment of blood vessels that grows within the foremost allotment of a toddler’s life,” says Dr. Tollefson.

They’re more frequent amongst babies born preterm. They in most cases can appear anywhere on the body, but again and again salvage the pinnacle and neck areas.

Any other feature which would possibly well apprehension of us is the lickety-split payment of progress. Dr. Tollefson says hemangiomas will proceed to grow till adolescents are about 6 to 9 months ancient. At that level, they in overall stabilize, then stir away slowly.

“About 90% of hemangiomas procure to the bottom of—or involute is what we name it—by age 4. So it is a pretty gradual process,” says Dr. Tollefson.

Treatment in overall is no longer in truth wished. Nonetheless, Dr. Tollefson says if the hemangioma interferes with imaginative and prescient, other functions, has the functionality to be cosmetically disfiguring, is clean or is rising speedy, babies have to be evaluated for remedy.

“There are in truth two vital therapies that we use now. The gold fashioned of remedy for a toddler that wants a medications by mouth is a coronary heart medications called propranolol.”

“That create of medication is is named a beta blocker. There is moreover a topical create of that medications, and there are some babies for whom that can smartly be appropriate.”

Later in life, laser surgical treatment will be an plan to treat residual hemangiomas. However Dr. Tollefson says that is no longer continuously wished.

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