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Chioma Momah: Do You Love Multitasking? Here’s Why You Should Stop

 Chioma Momah: Do You Love Multitasking? Here’s Why You Should Stop

I used to be unbiased recently at a conference and used to be asked in regards to the principle outcome of many females’s unpaid work. My retort used to be easy: burnout. Many females juggle managing their careers with managing their properties, and in a verbalize to “attain it all,” we overdo it, which might have disastrous results. Because we have a lot to attain, we feel our fully possibility is to multi-job. As a extraordinarily busy working lady, I fell into that lure. After I used to be asked, “How attain you attain it all?” I damaged-down to pleasure myself on being a criminal multi-tasker, nevertheless now I do know higher. You notice, although multi-tasking looks to back us attain more in a shorter time, in the long term, you terminate up doing more pain than criminal.

We’re now not machines

The human mind and physique, although extremely helpful, weren’t created to multitask. There is a arrangement why we have two fingers and now not twenty. The time interval “multitasking” used to be coined by World Commercial Machines (IBM) in the 1960s to characterize the pc’s concurrent efficiency of many jobs. Therefore, the human mind is now not a pc. It doesn’t feature at its handiest when handling more than one projects concurrently. When we predict we’re multitasking, we’re shedding time and more in the job. I will be capable to expose to searching for to fabricate projects or attempting to juggle too many things correct now. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated once we find ourselves in these scenarios.

It reduces effectivity

The announcing “Jack of all trades, grasp of none” reminds us that once we strive to attain too many things correct now, we are able to also full them nevertheless now not thoroughly. Effectivity, effectiveness, and notice-thru are customarily sacrificed in the name of multitasking. To illustrate, in the event you’re replying to work emails, watching a movie, and speaking to a pal, loads of of those activities will endure. You can terminate up inserting the name of the movie on your email or now not entirely listening to what your buddy is announcing. It’s major to have in mind that anything else price doing is price doing successfully. So, it’s higher to point of curiosity on one job at a time. Even meals aren’t entirely loved once we’re doing somewhat a couple of things. It’s handiest to take a seat at the desk and savour your new fish pepper soup with out distractions.

Unfinished projects

On occasion, that you just would be capable to also take into account that no topic doing plenty, you proceed to have several unfinished projects in entrance of you. Here’s the final outcome of taking on too much – the price of multitasking. You need to perchance well also enact more by focusing on projects one after the other and seeing them thru to completion. As an different of accelerating our productivity, multitasking reduces it. Subsequent time you’ve several things to attain, prioritise and deal with them one after the somewhat a couple of. Science has shown that once we multitask, it’s harder for our mind to have in mind even the finest things. I experienced this several cases as a younger working mom. I would launch cooking after which contemplate to rep ahead on any other chore, and any other, and any other, after which while engrossed in numerous things, I would all correct now scent one thing! Yep, the scent of burnt food.

I do know how over and over my younger of us have needed to verbalize me, “Mum, keep your phone down,” because I’m searching for to fabricate some work and hear to them. Chase, you’ve things on your plate, nevertheless in preference to attain it all, be taught to delegate some projects and free your time, especially for fogeys that topic the most. I’ve realised that after I’m doing too many things collectively, I rep tired and wired with several uncompleted projects staring me in the face. Nevertheless, after I take time to successfully thought, make clear, and back to my projects one after the opposite, it could maybe perchance perchance maybe also seem adore it takes longer, nevertheless I enact a long way more.

So, thought, prioritise, delegate, outsource; attain what is necessary to multitask much less, protect your mental successfully being, and enact more.


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Chioma Momah is a public policy attorney, author and a parenting and family lifestyles suggest. This mom of four is the author of the baby’s books “First day at the Wide College” , “Enjoyable Day at the Museum” and ”Enjoyable Outing to the Village” as successfully because the Needs, Gratitude and Say Journal and the Wisdom from Females series.
Chioma is additionally the founding father of Let’s Succor A Reading Nation” (L.E.A.R.N) which is aimed at bettering literacy amongst younger of us.
She holds an L.L.B from the authorized Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, as successfully as an MBA from Anglia Ruskin University and an MPA from the University of Exeter (every in the UK). She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.
Apply her on Facebook at The Parenting Suggest, Instagram at chiomahmomah and browse her inspirational posts for working females on  chiomah.salvage . You need to perchance well also additionally notice her movies on YouTube and hear to her podcasts for working mothers at Chiomah Momah.

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