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Bengals Player Rips Facilities After F-Minus Food Grade: Guys Don’t Eat at Stadium

 Bengals Player Rips Facilities After F-Minus Food Grade: Guys Don’t Eat at Stadium
Julia StumbaughJuly 4, 2024

CINCINNATI, OH - OCTOBER 10: a Cincinnati Bengals ticket before the game against the Green Bay Packers and the Cincinnati Bengals on October 10, 2021, at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, OH. (Mutter by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire by Getty Photos)

Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire by Getty Photos

After the Cincinnati Bengals received a F-minus for nutrition and cafeteria/food on their 2024 NFLPA portray card, one player suggested ESPN’s Sarah Barshop that “some guys don’t eat on the stadium.”

The player, whom Barshop described as a “veteran,” stated the food at his Energy 5 college turned into higher than what he received within the NFL.

“Factual diversity of what we had [in college],” the player stated, per Barshop. “Differ of what you would eat that turned into catered to you. Differ from a standpoint of having a nutritionist that in actuality could place of living a decided belief up for you in essence of what your targets had been and what catered to you.

“I imply, that’s truly the superb thing must you find here. It is a minute bit extra basic. Some guys don’t eat on the stadium.”

The NFLPA portray playing cards launched in February had been in accordance with a understand of 1,706 gamers. The Bengals had been the most foremost crew to receive an F- ranking in each and each food-associated classes.

The Bengals had microwaves and coolers in their player facilities as of 2022 in explain that athletes could store and reheat their own food, Barshop reported.

Cincinnati also received an F-minus ranking in nutrition for that season, which Barshop reviews the veteran player indicated “could need been one of many crew’s simplest years when it involves food alternatives.”

“We now enjoy by no manner truly had the true nutritionist,” the player added. “It turned into one of those things the place it turned into treasure they [food staff] fair correct made stuff and roughly [put it] accessible.”

The 2024 portray card from the NFLPA ranked the Bengal thirtieth in food taste and 31st in freshness.

The reviews also stated that the Bengals are one of two teams within the NFL that does now not provide gamers three meals on a regular basis, and that they’re the most foremost crew within the league that shuts down the cafeteria when gamers enjoy a fracture day, “despite the indisputable reality that a kind of the gamers advance to the ability on off days for additional preparation and restoration.”

The NFLPA renowned that Cincinnati evolved its food offerings in 2024 by offering dinner to gamers once a week, however it sounds treasure athletes are hoping for additional improvements this offseason.

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