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Bella Okagbue Shares How She Handles Fame and Her Fashion Inspiration in Today’s “Doing Life With…”

 Bella Okagbue Shares How She Handles Fame and Her Fashion Inspiration in Today’s “Doing Life With…”

Doing Lifestyles With… is a BellaNaija Aspects series that showcases how of us stay, work, stir, like their families and… all the pieces in between. We are documenting the lives of all of us and making certain all and sundry looks to be effectively-represented at BN.

Did you omit last week’s dialog with Anita Eboigbe? You will probably be ready to receive up right here. 

On the present time, we’re doing existence with Bella Okagbue and he or she discusses model, existence experiences and her current country. Revel in the dialog!

Hello Bella. How are you feeling this present day?

I’m alive, wholesome and elated. I’m feeling blessed.

Give us a peep into your background and what part of your childhood influenced who you is liable to be this present day

Rising up became good. I grew up in a mammoth family. I’m the last of 6 teens, so sure, I bought spoiled a bit. There became by no methodology a dumb moment in the house. I additionally possess a mammoth extended family. So, we persistently had my cousins round. We’re all very family-oriented as you perceive. That has influenced me to persistently want to be round family.

From your time there, how possess you ever leveraged the BBNaija platform?

BBNaija is a big platform that uncovered me to a huge series of audiences no longer exact in Nigeria however in Africa and even the sector at mammoth. Being on the be aware allowed me to be aware the sector the things I indulge in, the things I’m passionate about and the things I aspire to project into. Issues indulge in my like for model, standard of living, beauty and stir. So, coming out of the be aware and delving deeper into these items on a exchange level and as a career direction became a no brainer.

Love you mentioned, you is liable to be very immense on model. What inspired you to develop into a model fanatic

I possess persistently regarded up to my eldest sister who has a colossal model sense. Rising up, I admired her model and persistently desired to scrutinize good. She’s been an limitless affect.

Are there particular contemporary lessons or experiences that possess enormously shaped your deliver?

Having to develop into extra fingers-on with my exchange has taught me so much. I possess a closer determining of what wants to be completed to grab things to the next level and I snatch price and web it completed, no matter what. As an illustration, I honest no longer too long previously took a solo day out to China for my exchange.

That’s impressive, Bella

Thank you.

Talking of journeys, you’ve travelled to a handful of countries. Which country live you peek most though-provoking and why?

It would positively need to be China. I certainly indulge in the of us, their tradition, the serene city and their though-provoking food.

So all and sundry faces challenges, yeah? What challenges did you face on your career stir and the map in which did you overcome them?

I would direct that getting aged to status and what comes with it has been considerably necessary. I point out, status isn’t exactly contemporary to me as I grew up with two eminent siblings; my brother Chris who’s a weak actuality TV superstar, and now a extraordinarily winning actor, and my sister Sandra who’s a high mannequin and sweetness queen. But I could presumably perchance easiest survey their lifetime of status from the sidelines as they had been these in the highlight. Now, being in the highlight indulge in them and having to take care of the cruel section of status hasn’t been easy. But I’m thankful for them as they’ve each and every been an limitless source of strength and guidance with their words of recommendation and encouragement.

That’s pleasing. What moment or project made you so proud that made you hunch “Oh Bella, you probably did that!?”

After I bought an electronic mail from Skims to persuade their merchandise. Working with Kim Kardashian‘s imprint has persistently been a dream.

What’s a conventional day on your existence?

A conventional day is a shoot day. I’d possess already deliberate my day and the map in which my shoot would hunch from the night sooner than. So, the next day I web up early, put together (skip breakfast) and web going. As an introvert, I will persistently hunch attend house to relaxation or expend quality time with my partner.

What are the dinky things on your day to day existence that raise you joy, web you infected or manufacture you is liable to be feeling alive?

I certainly indulge in easy things corresponding to spending quality time with my family members; my family, especially my nieces, and my partner. I additionally just like the feeling I web when I in a roundabout map stop a world deal. And useless to claim, jumping on planes and seeing the sector.

Whenever you could presumably perchance perchance develop into any persona from a movie you seen honest no longer too long previously for the comfort of your existence, what would you to bear in mind and why?

I barely possess time for TV anymore on the moment. So I’m in a position to’t direct any persona from anything contemporary. But I loved The Twilight Saga from years previously and the persona Bella played by Kristen Stewart became my absolute fave motive of her strength, resilience and resolution. I’m in a position to fully expose to these attributes. Enjoyable fact: that’s if fact be told where my title came from. Bella isn’t my birth title.

Oh. What’s your birth title then?

Chidinma Esther Okagbue.

You’ve navigated and dealt with social media criticism effectively. What are your high 2 pointers for coping with trolls?

It became certainly no longer easy at the delivery however I try no longer to care so grand. I possess additionally realised that no matter what you live or how no longer easy you try, you could presumably perchance well’t please your entire world or be loved by all americans. So, why even concern? First tip: Accept as true with positivity on story of as grand as I web so grand abominate, I additionally web heaps of like.  2d tip: Rob a social media crash every every so often.

What’s that unconventional belief you’ve about the sector that you just reflect of us could presumably perchance no longer accept as true with?

I reflect that we’re no longer as up to amble of our lives as we’d favor to reflect. Obviously, all of us possess plans, targets and aspirations, and we manufacture choices and choices that we factor in steer us in the direction that we desire to switch. And that’s correct and all. But in a roundabout map, future is from God and that’s what determines where you live unsleeping. That’s why most continuously you try so no longer easy to remain or be something. You live all the pieces in the “rule book” and serene fail at it on story of it’s no longer your calling. But the moment you step into your calling or the direction to your future, things originate to unfold in not probably ways.

What’s one part you live when nobody is staring at?

I discuss words of affirmation upon myself. I direct, “You’re strong, you could presumably perchance well live this, you is liable to be pleasing, you is liable to be beautiful, there’s nothing you could presumably perchance well no longer live.”

Who is Bella Okagbue beyond our screens? 

Bella is a easy lady who loves existence and like. I do know I don’t persistently scrutinize pleasant and approachable, however I reflect I’m certainly chilly sha.

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Thank you for being on Doing Lifestyles With…, Bella

Thank you for having me, BellaNaija.


Many on story of of Bella Okagbue for having this dialog with us and answering all our questions – and abruptly too, we must add.

Raise out you like this boom material, possess any strategies for us or want to be a BellaNaija Aspects contributor? We’d like to read from you. Shoot us an electronic mail: [email protected]. Join us on Saturday for the next episode!

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