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Beats Solo 4 vs. Beats Studio Pro: choose wisely

 Beats Solo 4 vs. Beats Studio Pro: choose wisely
Phil Nickinson conserving the Beats Solo 4 and the Beats Studio Expert headphones.
Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Beats fandom is true. While Beats headphones could presumably no longer dominate our checklist of the supreme headphones, there’s no denying the importance of the Beats imprint. And likewise you don’t must take our be aware for it — impartial peek around on the streets. Probabilities are you’ll pass someone with a Beats logo firmly hooked up atop their ears.

But 2024 finds us in a precarious build. There are in actuality two right contenders — one original, one no longer moderately a year primitive — in the Beats headphones class. The Beats Solo 4 are the younger pup, situated on the lower close of the lineup. The Beats Studio Expert are no longer steadily primitive and possess proven their price since their unlock halfway through 2023.

But which is correct for you? And whenever you happen to’re picking between Beats fare, which ought to unruffled you win? We’ve got some solutions.

The greatest variations

We’ll win to price in a chunk. But the memoir of the Beats Solo 4 versus the Beats Studio Expert primarily needs to originate with the greatest variations on the specs sheets.

One earcup of the Beats Solo 4 and Beats Studio Expert.
The Beats Solo 4 (left) are a chunk smaller than the Beats Studio Expert. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

First is the incompatibility in assemble. Beats Studio Expert are of the over-the-ear sort, whereas Beats Studio 4 are on-ear. That implies the inclined sits over and around your ears, whereas the latter pushes on top of them. Thanks to that, Beats Studio Expert in total are regarded as to be a chunk more chuffed, significantly over longer intervals. And that’s doubly so whenever you happen to wear glasses, either of the prescription or sunny sort. Over-ears additionally passively block out a chunk extra sound.

That’s no longer to explain that Beats Solo 4 are melancholy, or allow in every form of ambient sound. They’re no longer — at the very least whenever you happen to’re no longer sporting glasses — and they don’t. No lower than no longer totally. It’s impartial that they’re in a a chunk diverse physical class.

The second predominant incompatibility between Beats Studio Expert and Beats Solo 4 is active noise cancellation, or ANC. The Studio Expert possess it. The Solo 4 produce no longer.

And that’s all there is to explain about that. At the same time as you will fancy headphones that employ the onboard microphones to assassinate out the ambient noise — or quite so much of the ambient noise, whenever you happen to prefer to employ the transparency characteristic — then you definately’ll want the Beats Studio Expert. The Beats Solo 4 don’t possess that characteristic.

Also, the Beats Solo 4 are smaller total. Not a ton, and it’s no longer fancy it primarily changes the fit and primarily feel — it’s more a characteristic of them being on-ear headphones as an different of over-ear headphones. But it indubitably’s noticeable.

Battery lifestyles

The internal earcups of the Beats Solo 4 (left) and Beats Studio Expert.
Despite being smaller, the Beats Solo 4 (seen here in blue) possess 25% longer playback time. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Right here’s regarded as this form of categories that impartial doesn’t matter all that powerful to me. On paper, there’s no longer heaps of of incompatibility here. The Beats Studio Expert theoretically win you up to 40 hours of playback sooner than wanting to be recharged. Beats Solo 4 win you 50 hours of playback, or 25% more. That’s no longer nothing.

But we’re additionally evaluating apples and oranges. While both of these runtimes are without any active noise cancellation (on chronicle of, again, Beats Solo 4 don’t even possess that possibility), the Studio Expert will employ more battery whenever you happen to can possess ANC grew to changed into on. So contain that slack your solutions.

But the motive I don’t primarily apprehension about battery lifestyles on either of these headphones is that I’m on no account — ever — going to wear them for so lengthy in a single stretch that I’d totally abolish them. The supreme time that’s ever been a peril for me has been on a transoceanic flight. And in that case, it primarily impartial potential that I must possess gotten up and walked around the plane and hydrated a chunk sooner. And both will add an very supreme sequence of hours of playback time with impartial a pair of minutes of charging, which is more than ample time to hit the bathroom and stretch your legs on a flight.

So battery lifestyles is a wash for me. It’s moot.

One dwelling wherein the Beats Solo 4 possess a tiny leg up is that you just’ll likely be ready to employ them when they’re totally drained, on chronicle of of the 3.5mm audio cable. That’s good whenever you happen to haven’t got any practically about mark them up for a pair of minutes. The Studio Expert can’t claim that.

And one more somewhat tiny (however a chunk annoying) incompatibility: The Beats Studio Expert possess LED indicators that model battery lifestyles as correctly as to energy and pairing. The Beats Solo 4 impartial possess a single LED that doesn’t model battery lifestyles.

Sound quality

The Beats Solo 4 headphones.
The Beats Solo 4 are competent, however don’t sound as correct as the Beats Studio Expert. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Right here’s the build we win to the essential stuff. The Beats Studio Expert sound higher than the Beats Solo 4. Plump stay. They assuredly ought to unruffled — they’re more costly. It’s hundreds obvious which ones take a seat increased in the Beats pecking repeat.

The Beats Studio Expert possess more balanced sound, and there’s more bass to compare with the treble. The Solo 4, meanwhile, are a chunk lacking on the low close. Or a chunk overpowered on the upper ranges. Both near, it’s very noticeable that the Beats Studio Expert sound higher.

The Beats studio Expert headphones.
Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Then there’s the matter of ANC. Again, the Beats Studio Expert are noise-canceling headphones. The Beats Solo 4 are no longer.

Both back 24-bit/48kHz lossless audio through USB-C, even supposing, which is correct whenever you happen to’re into that assemble of narrate. The Studio Expert sprinkle a chunk extra sugar on chronicle of of a 3-profile sound possibility when using USB-C, and that’s narrate to possess.

Both headphones back spatial audio, and both headphones work impartial magnificent with Android telephones. You’ll get tighter integration with iOS, needless to claim — Beats is unruffled owned by Apple. But functionally, there’s no true incompatibility between the platforms.

If cellular telephone calls are essential to you, the Beats Studio Expert will safe out on chronicle of of ANC and transparency modes.

It all comes all the plot down to price

Right here’s the build things either are extremely determined, or a chunk muddied.

The Beats Studio Expert mark $350 at retail prices. The Beats Solo 4 mark $200 at retail. That’s a large incompatibility and a serious motive a form of alternative folks have a tendency to resolve for the Beats Solo 4.

Phil Nickinson sporting Beats Solo 4.
The Beats Solo 4 obtained’t win you no longer peek fancy a heart-archaic man. Even in blue. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

But sales can and produce happen. And it impartial so took build that as the Beats Solo 4 were announced and went on sale, the Beats Studio Expert could presumably also very correctly be had at a reduced mark of $250. That’s a pair of 29% more cost-effective mark off the retail mark, or about 25% more than the Beats Solo 4. And that extra $50 will win you higher sound and active noise cancellation.

For loads of of us, that’s $50 correctly-spent. Others could presumably no longer care that powerful and ought to unruffled be magnificent with the mannequin with lower specs. There’s nothing immoral with that.

Phil Nickinson sporting Beats Studio Expert.
The Beats Studio Expert additionally obtained’t win you no longer peek fancy a heart-archaic man. But they produce sound higher. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

When it involves retail pricing, it’s primarily impartial a matter of what you will have fitting into the funds that it’s good to possess. At the same time as you’re no longer taking a peek to employ upward of $300, then you definately’ll want the Beats Solo 4.

But whenever you happen to’ll be ready to win either the Beats Solo 4 for $200 or the Beats Studio Expert for $250, it’s a no-brainer. Use the more money and win the Beats Studio Expert.

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