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Austin Amelio Makes For Glen Powell’s Perfect Foil in Hit Man

 Austin Amelio Makes For Glen Powell’s Perfect Foil in Hit Man

HIT MAN IS a movie that is merely built on charisma. After building his celebrity persona in latest years by playing memorable roles in motion photographs esteem Living It Up, Top Gun: Maverick, and Anyone But You, Glen Powell will get to head paunchy celebrity as Gary Johnson in Hit Man. Essentially essentially based on a Texas Month-to-month article, Hit Man is the fourth collaboration between Powell and director Richard Linklater—following Like a flash Food Nation, All individuals Wants Some!!, and Apollo 10 1⁄2: A Rental Age Childhood—and lets Powell in actual fact put his skills and charm on paunchy indicate.

Gary, in fact, is a pretty traditional man who works as an associate professor at a college. But Hit Man will get its title from Gary’s side hustle—in this world, a talented hitman merely would now not exist. But other folks don’t know that, and strive to hire somebody to off their boss, or lover, or whoever, the total time. That is where Gary steps in, serving to the native authorities by donning numerous a sort of personas personalized in a series of sting operations to earn other folks hoping to space up the homicide of someone inflicting them effort.

Or now not it is a gorgeous gig—till two key other folks enter Gary’s world. First, there is Maddy (Adria Arjona), one of Gary’s “customers” having a glance to attach away along with her abusive husband; when Gary takes a liking to Maddy, and issues commence up getting suspicious, he draws the eye of his legislation authority colleague, Jasper (Austin Amelio), who’s an actual scumbag and allotment of labor.

hit man l to r adria arjona as madison masters and glen powell as gary johnson cr courtesy of netflix


We don’t would actually like to spoil great extra by Hit Man‘s put from there, nevertheless belief that issues salvage twisty, wild, and, sure, fun. But whereas the movie succeeds because of the a gorgeous script co-written by Powell and Linklater, every little thing is elevated because of the the charisma and charm of the performers. Or now not it is no secret that Powell is blowing up after Maverick and Anyone But You, and Hit Man (and Twisters later this summer) can bear to silent send issues into a total new stratosphere.

However the movie is even additional elevated by the performances of those around him. Arjona is unassuming as Maddy, a femme fatale pick of kinds in Linklater’s decidedly darkly comedic neo-noir chronicle. Then again it be Amelio’s Jasper—a slimy, dirty undercover cop whose energy is nearly the exact opposite of Powell’s luminous charm—who presents the conflict of the movie, and does a huge job at it.

Must you pause staring at Hit Man and commence questioning why Jasper looked so acquainted, or where you may perhaps perhaps perhaps doubtless uncover him in a sort of locations, bear reading and now we bear obtained you lined.

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Austin Amelio performs Jasper in Hit Man

austin amelio jasper hit man

Brian Roedel

Hit Man marks Amelio’s 2d collaboration with Linklater after 2016’s All individuals Wants Some!!, which marked his aim movie debut. Amelio became born and raised in Austin, Texas, where he truly became an avid skateboarder; Linklater himself is a renowned Austinite.

But in case you imagine meaning the director exact hooked it up, you shall be sorely unsuitable. “I had to work my ass off to salvage that audition,” Amelio told Esquire in a latest interview, exact after noting how expansive partial to Dazed and Puzzled he became.I had to audition 5 or six times for him for that movie. So I became pulling out my hair.”

While the 36-year-primitive has looked in a handful of a sort of motion photographs, including Terrence Malick’s 2017 movie Song to Song, TV fans doubtless acknowledge him most from a definite universe stuffed with the undead. Amelio played Dwight all over 58 episodes and several seasons of both The Strolling Ineffective and its spinoff, Misfortune the Strolling Ineffective.

Amelio will next appear in the fright movie called The Reunion and a Spanish-language TV sequence called When No one Sees Us.

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