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Art, meets brain waves, meets Pink Floyd at Brainstorms in London.

 Art, meets brain waves, meets Pink Floyd at Brainstorms in London.

Frameless is one in all the staunch known of essentially the most up-to-date preference of immersive art exhibitions in London over the closing couple of years – and rightly so, mixing traditional artwork with verbalize-of-the-art titillating visuals – ought to you obtain a probability to abilities it, you might perchance composed.

Since the starting of June, though, and persevering with over the next two weekends, long-established programming at the venue is interrupted by a takeover known as Brainstorms, which takes Frameless’ room-sized immersive art idea and pairs it with neuroscience, exhibiting visuals that symbolize the brains response to the legendary sounds of Crimson Floyd’s traditional 1973 album The Sad Aspect of the Moon.

A gathering of minds

A joint venture between San Francisco-based completely mostly ingenious studio Pollen Tune Community and Richard Wright Tune Restricted, the root for the exhibition coalesced after Gala Wright, (the daughter of the unhurried Crimson Floyd keyboardist and songwriter Richard Wright), met Richard Warp, a composer, sound designer, and audio producer for Pollen Tune Community.

As Wright defined, they first met at a party within the traipse-as much as the fiftieth anniversary of The Sad Aspect of the Moon, correct when she was buying for a vogue to celebrate her father’s main contribution to the album that was a little bit diversified to the in vogue long-established re-commence box attach. Warp published to her that he had a lengthy-time fascination with how bioactivity might perchance pressure interactive experiences, and Crimson Floyd’s traditional “space rock” gave the affect adore a finest match, making the collaboration something of, smartly – a no brainer.

Brainstorms: A Worthy Gig in The Sky is exhibiting over weekend for the leisure of June at Frameless, … [+] in Marble Arch, London, UK,


Warp defined that there was a quantity of science done on how the brain responds to tune, but that this work is typically done in a lab, and he was buying for a vogue to bring it out of there and paint it on a canvas for the wider public to survey.

This was all defined to me, in person by Gala Wright and Richard Warp at the Brainstorms preview occasion, correct as musician Imogen Heap walked in, whose tune would per chance be featured as part of the abilities. (If this all sounds adore a setup to a Douglas Adams unusual, then leisure assured, I was thinking powerful the the same at the time).


The centrepiece of the abilities is a room dedicated to the observe The Worthy Gig within the Sky, the conventional observe written by Richard Wright. As Pollen Tune Community ingenious director JJ Weisler defined to me, working with Richard Wright Tune Restricted meant that the group had the uncommon privilege of obtain entry to to the fashioned master tapes of the observe.

“Having obtain entry to to the fashioned multi-tracks is extremely exclusive,” stated Weisler. “As antagonistic to the fashioned engineers that blended the fashioned stereo mix, the quad version, the 5.1 version and the Atmos version, no person has ever touched these for any cause.”

Excitingly, this enabled it to originate an even mix designed specifically for the room at Frameless. The group historical the room’s architectural diagrams, along with the staunch locations and speaker specifications, to originate the sound invent specifically and precisely for that space.

Pollen created each and each the visuals and the tune, which Weisler likened to movie making, but as he defined, they’d to cede succor watch over to the proven fact that the visuals, which he known because the “Aurora”, had been representations of the collected brain knowledge of 125 of us who listened to the observe in Dolby Atmos,

“You are accompanying visuals, which is adore scoring a movie,” he defined, “but ought to you originate a tale movie you beget succor watch over over all the pieces; ought to you originate a documentary you beget some succor watch over, but you also commence some succor watch over to the issues talking and it be a have to to connect it together. On this case, we had to commence some succor watch over to the brain knowledge. We can architect sure components of it – for instance, we wanted the Aurora to be the visual and we wanted it to impart, obtain expansive when the brain is doing this [stimulated by the music], and we need the coloration to shift to blue when the brain is enjoyable. So, while we decided programs to connect all the pieces up, in that sense, it is movie making – but with guardrails.”

A Worthy Gig within the Sky at Frameless – its a mood.


The Worthy Gig within the Sky is positively the highlight of the abilities. It builds atmospherically out of a novel, specifically written intro, and when the familiar chords come in, it has vitality, scale and space and the delicate, rainbow-adore visuals are a simply match. Some though within the room chose to lie down on the ground, shut their eyes and let the tune switch round them. And switch round it does. Unlike any version of the observe, you’ve ever heard sooner than, Clare Torry’s traditional wordless vocal pans all the way via the room and disappears into the Ether at the cease: it’s intoxicating stuff.

A man and his cloud.


High internal your head

Corpulent for the VIP kit at Brainstorms and you’ll obtain to take a seat in a special tent while carrying headphones and a headset that appears adore something out of a 90s sci-fi movie. It captures your brain’s electrical activity (and doubtless your soul – I’ll succor you told) as you hear to a observe from the album. This knowledge is captured and visualised in staunch-time and ought to you crawl into the most main room you obtain to survey it as an titillating 3D cloud that moves, glows and pulsates representing precisely how your brain is responding to the tune.

The headset at Brainstorms can actually read your mind – or at the least the electrical impulses it … [+] generates as you hear to tune.


The cloud grows to show camouflage ought to you found the observe thrilling, glows when it was intense, and is reasonably static ought to you’re composed. Clearly, I took the instruction to composed down too powerful to heart as my cloud proved considerably underwhelming when compared with others.

My brain undoubtedly glowed when at the occasion none rather than Crimson Floyd guitarist David Gilmour came into the room to survey it fervent by himself. As he left, this mettlesome reporter asked the enormous man what he belief to be it all.

“It’s gigantic, I discover it irresistible!”, was the response, sooner than he headed off, powerful adore guitarist rock gods are wont to attain. Let no person sing that this reporter is no longer willing to ask the keen questions.

Tickets for Brainstorms are on sale now.

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