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“Anita Joseph Is the Most Useless of Them All” – Angela Okorie Lambast Ex-Friend

 “Anita Joseph Is the Most Useless of Them All” – Angela Okorie Lambast Ex-Friend
“Anita Joseph Is the Most Useless of Them All” - Angela Okorie Lambast Ex-Buddy

Angela Okorie, a well-liked Nollywood actress, has escalated her longstanding spat with Uche Elendu by inspiring one other colleague, Anita Joseph.

Angela Okorie beforehand chastised a pal for releasing her footage to the controversial blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus.

In a new twist, she posted a apply-up put up with a image of Anita Joseph, a cease buddy of Uche Elendu, labeling her as primarily the most nugatory member of their group.

Angela Okorie, nonetheless, described Anita’s husband, MC Fish, as a tight man.

She moreover talked about that she would target any of her peers who tried to intervene in her warfare with Uche Elendu, whom she is the utilize of as a sacrificial lamb.

“Ah, I stare of us calling this one Okuku. This one is mainly the most ineffective of all of them but her husband is a moral man. Any individual wey discuss nonsense I’m going utilize you as scapegoat,” she wrote.

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