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‘A Movement That Needs to Happen in Medicine’: What We Heard This Week

 ‘A Movement That Needs to Happen in Medicine’: What We Heard This Week

Quotable quotes heard by MedPage This day‘s newshounds


Could well 19, 2024

“Here’s a movement that desires to happen in remedy.” — Roshan Modi, MD, a radiologist at ChristianaCare in Delaware, on physicians’ efforts to unionize.

“We pretty noteworthy bought into the final public tale and drank the Kool-Serve esteem every person.” — Ziyad Al-Aly, MD, of the VA St. Louis Well being Care Procedure, after finding that COVID-19 remains deadlier than the flu in hospitalized sufferers.

“That is the wing within the ointment.” — Stuart Connolly, MD, of McMaster College in Canada, on thrombotic inconvenience with a bleeding reversal agent historic in of us with acute intracerebral hemorrhage on ingredient Xa inhibitors.

“Now I’ve received 7,000 of us taking tablet mud every day.” — Areef Ishani, MD, MS, of the College of Minnesota in Minneapolis, recounting how contributors in his hypertension look historic tablet splitters to minimize their diuretics.

“The FDA truly did the upright thing when it reviewed the evidence motivate in 2021.” — Daniel Grossman, MD, of the College of California San Francisco, on why meting out abortion medications in-individual is no longer any longer indispensable.

“They also develop no longer are attempting to head to penal complex.” — Molly McClain, MD, MPH, of the College of Unique Mexico in Albuquerque, explaining why some families paid out-of-pocket for their kid’s gender-striking ahead care.

“Physicians ought to quiet judge fastidiously prior to the exercise of them.” — Rishi Chanderraj, MD, MSc, of the Ann Arbor Veterans Affairs Well being facility in Michigan, on risks associated with anti-anaerobic antibiotics to treat sepsis.

“Patients truly tended to gravitate toward the office with considered diplomas and credentials on the wall.” — Nathan Houchens, MD, of the College of Michigan in Ann Arbor, on patient resolution for telehealth appointment backgrounds.

“That is no longer any longer easy, nonetheless it is imaginable.” — Peter Sasieni, PhD, of Queen Mary College of London, on reaching excessive human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination protection.

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